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All Saints

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That is just so sad..... :( :( :(

I cannot believe it!!! No more Dan....and he and Erica just got married and they're happy....what will happen to them now?!

Its just terrible news..... :(

My thoughts go out to Mark's family and friends....I just cannot believe it. Such a young life taken away.....


Mark Priestly


Dan Goldman

Beyond the door

There's peace I'm sure.

And I know there'll be no more...

Tears in heaven

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Ya it is Colin and even thought I am in Ireland and we are behind you with all saints I can't wait to see what happens between charlotte and Vincent also if they will make charlotte pregnant now that

I'm soo sadened By the death of Mark Priestley

My thoughts are with his family, and his many, many freinds.

Even thou I live in the uk, I'm a massive AS fan.

Dan Goldman was amungst one of my fave cast.

Depression is a horrible, horrible illness, as some of you know. Have been suffering on and off from depression since I was a teenager.

I'm now 36, Every ' depression episode' is as hard to get through as the first one was.. Medication keeps me stable, and stops me from going to the brink. Most of the time.

Depression, is often thought upon as been a illness for people who have , hard times in life and a loner's illness. But its not the case. Many people have great life with loving familys and many friends, are very out going people.

It's still a very taboo and embarrsing illness to admit too. To many sufferes and non sufferes. It should not be like this, in this day and age...It's not untill you, or someone your very close to suffers from depression etc.. No one really understands. How difficult and lonley suffering from depression can be..

R.I.P Mark Priestley and Dan Goldman


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My first reaction was that I was angry at him for taking away one of my favourite characters and wasting such a brilliant talent <_<. Then I remembered that he was just a person, and I have no idea what was going on in his life and in his head. I don't blame people for committing suicide. It just gets too much sometimes and not everyone can handle it the way the rest of the world seems to. I just hope that whatever was so bad to make him do this, he's at rest from it now.

I'll miss you Mark. A lot :(

As far as Dan goes, I don't think I want Mark to be replaced... I don't know what the storylines are like, so maybe it's unavoidable, but I hope they can just write him out by having the character die suddenly and offscreen, like they did with that guy in ... that show who's name I can't remember... Suddenly Susan? I don't know. Some Brooke Shields show... Anyway, that was done really well. I think I'd prefer them to do it that way here, and maybe have Erica come back for the episode if she can... I just don't know how this is going to work. I suppose it's not really what we should be focusing on right now anyway. I'm sure it will sort itself out. These things always do.

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