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All Saints

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Ya it is Colin and even thought I am in Ireland and we are behind you with all saints I can't wait to see what happens between charlotte and Vincent also if they will make charlotte pregnant now that

I was jumping up and down when I saw that promoooo. Caaaate :D

2 more episodes :(

Anyone know what the season finale will be about? Dont think it will beat last years - with Bart getting shot

Edit: I felt sorry for Dan at the end of last night :(

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Against The Wall - Part 1 (2007 Series Finale)

Episode 10.41 (416)

Tuesday November 20 at 9:00pm (M) on Seven

Frank and Dan treat a 15-year-old girl suffering end stage heart failure. Her only chance of survival is a heart transplant. When a donor heart suddenly becomes available, the ED team has two hours to take bloods to check for a match and prepare her for transfer to the hospital where her new heart is waiting. The clock starts ticking.

Mike, Charlotte, Erica and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a patient badly injured in a construction accident.

Bart persuades Ann-Maree to come in for follow up tests to determine whether or not her cancer has spread.

And none of them are aware that the day is about to take a turn for the worse.

Also on the cover of TV Soap there is an article saying "Deadly Seige" about the finale.

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Dan and Erica are back together! Yay. The whole Jack/Gabby thinkg at the end looked like a potential thing. I like the idea. Does anyone remeber the episode where they were in the carpark and the dog scared them? It was hilarious. Oh and the girl who played Emily was in it as a woman who swalled a drawing pin. She didnt die this time though.

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lol. Thanks for sorting out that Emily thing for me and my friend. He asked me if I thought it was her, and I asked him, "Do you really expect me to remember what she looks like?" I didn't commit much of her to memory... and even after seeing her again tonight, I don't know that I could pick her out of a line up.


The misleading promo department strikes again! I thought it was gonna be a bomb scare or something, but I supposed a player/fan brawl at a hockey game is close enough. That guy getting a cut to the throat... that is EXACTLY why I have never been ice skating. It's not the fear of falling over and looking like a fool, it's a fear of falling over, putting my hand on the ice to gain my balance, and then slicing off a few fingers, or cutting open a vain in my wrist and bleeding to death on the ice... The throat fear is a little more obscure, but it's there. It's there. On a crowded rink, I'm sure that anything could happen... Just one slip of the blade... *shudder.*

While we're on such a cheery topic, I really thought that Bart's girlfriend was dead when he walked into her room. I suppose that was the intention, but I think my sigh of relief was audible when she spoke! It was so cute how he cuddled up behind her at the end... I want a Bart :(

Ricky and Dan... they're a tempremental pair, but oh so pretty. I'm glad they're back together. For now. I would like for Ricky to be cutting him a little bit of slack though. On top of everything else, the threat of his girlfriend leaving on his next mistake can't be good for his health...

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Emily - Brad's dead wife on H&A. She was the patient that swallowed the push pin on All Saints.

Gabby impressed me. I'd never rated her much, but after last night I've seen a whole new side to her :D

"Gabby and blood sports don't mix." ^_^

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