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All Saints

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Ya it is Colin and even thought I am in Ireland and we are behind you with all saints I can't wait to see what happens between charlotte and Vincent also if they will make charlotte pregnant now that

Bart... *CRIES*

He's so in love... he's in too deep... there's no way out of this that won't end in tears, or at least in a part of his soul dying off... Oh Bart... *hugs* :( :(

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Somebody HELP ME PLEASE!!!

I went out and didn't set a tape for All Saints! I was a reckless fool!! *CRIES!!* :(

Could someome please tell me what happened, especially with Bart and the cancer girl, and whatever was going on with Dan "risking his life for a patient" :(?

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Dan's nominated for an AFI!!! :o

AFI Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama

· Mark Priestley – All Saints (Seven Network)

· Justin Smith – Bastard Boys (ABC)

· Jack Thompson – Bastard Boys (ABC)

· David Ngoombujarra – The Circuit (SBS)

:o :o!!

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I've been watching old All Saints. Today there was a kid called Zac who was dying of cancer, and Von was hanging out with him instead of going to a ball. She was all dressed up for that though, and the kid says to her "I like your hair like that. You should wash it more often." :D

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I remember that episode from my DVD's. That was a really touching one. Judith McGrath is so underused. I remember an arc she had with the alcoholic friend, played by Sonia Todd (who is reappearing in the current episodes as that psychiatrist). She was awesome.

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