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All Saints - Double delight

Tuesday, 8.30pm, Seven Network

All Saints' Tammy MacIntosh will give birth twice - in real life and on screen!

When Tammy MacIntosh found out she was pregnant, she didn't quite get the gasps of shock she'd been expecting. "I think after nearly everyone from work came to my wedding, they all just quietly said, 'Let's get prepared for a baby,' " says Tammy, whose character, Charlotte, finds out this week she's also going to have a child. "I think they were much more prepared for it taking place than I was! Our producer was like, 'I'm way ahead of you! I had this planned for ages.' " This may have been the case, but unfortunately they didn't quite get the timing right. Although Tammy's now pregnant both on and off the show, she's actually about three months ahead of Charlotte, which means after giving birth in real life, she'll have to return to work and do it all over again. No wonder she finds it all a little daunting. "I'm going to have to go back and wear a pregnancy suit," she says, laughing. "I'm like, 'What if I have an horrific birth and don't want to relive it?'" Although Tammy admits she's having a few pre-birth jitters, all up she's feeling really good. "I think I've got to a place where I'm a bit used to it now," she admits. But it wasn't always like that...

In this week's TV WEEK, Tammy shares some secrets about her pregnancy scenes and why she found them so challenging. Plus, read about next week's episodes of All Saints. While Tammy's alter ego, Charlotte, will be overjoyed to discover she's pregnant, will the father of the unborn child feel the same?

For this special All Saints issue of TV WEEK, we also let actors Chris Vance, Mark Priestley and Wil Traval take over as guest editors! The stars reviewed some of your favourite TV dramas, new film and DVD releases, and more!

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