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All Saints


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The shark bite was disgusting! I made myself look away everytime it was shown, and occasionally i'd look up just at the wrong time. It was gross. Sad that his best mate died. I actually said to my mum at the beginning of the ep that I bet that the friend would die because the one who is hurt the worse usually doesn't die, it's always the one you don't expect, and i was right!

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I want Bart and Erica (Ricky) together....I think that's cute. :wub: LOL. I haven't actually watched my taped version yet, but I heard it was a bit yuck, and I asked my Mum "was it totally gorey?" and she said "sort of" and I know I shouldn't be watching it at eleven, but it's not REALLY that bad, although sometimes it's rated M. I just look away at the yuck bit....But I'm not sure I'll watch all of it. What's happening next week...anyone know???

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Ep 372

Love Pain & The Whole Damn Thing

Hell descends on the Emergency Department as on their busiest night, Gabrielle is hit by the flu, Erica is hit by a patient and a hung-over Cate makes a critical error.

I grabbed this of the official site.

It's the busiest night of the year in the ED. The stress this causes has differing effects on all the staff. A sleep deprived Cate accidentally administers an overdose of a medication to a patient. Bart takes the blame and is given a dressing down by Frank. Max, a Psych Patient, terrorises the ED and Erica in particular. Gabrielle falls victim to the flu and has to go home. Dan takes over and becomes ‘Supernurse'. Moral and ethical considerations come into play when the victim of a hit and run must be declared brain dead and her husband is asked by Frank and Von to consider donating her organs.
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