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^^ They dont play it becuase dumb old DWTS takes up more time then it shuold

Yeah, the ads have been lying lately, and it was driving me mad....bit too late for me right now, so i ask my Mum what happens....who's everyone's fave characters? Ohhh, Bart likes Ricky, but thinks he's missed his chance because he saw ricky and Sean together...I thought Ricky and dan liked eachother....I'm so weird!!

I like Cate. And Charlotte.

Does anyone have the DVDS?

I have Season 1 & 3 (But not 2 :o)

I liked Stephanie (Kirrly White) in Season 1 and 3. Then she died :o

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I have seasons, 1,2 and 3.

Last night I watched a very young Emily Perry (she would have been 17 as I think it was made in 1998 )in:

The Ties That Bind

Episode 077

October 05, 1999

Steph is nursing a teenage girl suffering from cystic fibrosis. Deb has recently been removed from the lung transplant list for non-compliance with the strict medical regime required. This non-compliance has also led to the staphylococcus infection for which, in part, Deb has been hospitalised. The misery of this, combined with the news that a close friend has just died from the disease, initiates a dark spiral of depression from which not even Deb’s devoted boyfriend Tim can lift her. When Steph finds the two entwined asleep on Deb’s bed she does not at first suspect the awful truth: that they have entered a suicide pact and injected themselves with insulin. Once the pact has been discovered, only a cool, efficient response from our team ensures that the two silly kids survive. It’s then compassionate counselling from Terri and intervention from Mitch that secures Deb’s place back on the transplant list and gives her renewed hope for the future.

With: Aaron Blabey as Scott, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Tina Bursill as Margaret Evans, Ritchie Gudgeon as Tim, Jill McKay as Kitty Conway, Emily Perry as Deb Taylor

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That one sounds interesting, may have to grab the DVD. Thanks for the info Di.

Your welcome :) , btw I have captured it via my webcam, it will be up in a couple of hours. It just on yousendit as I speak :D .

EDIT: It was to big for yousendit , it's on MEGAUPLOAD, so it should be up in a wee while?!! :unsure:

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