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This story takes place where Tasha has escaped the believers and wants to try and get back with Robbie but he’s with someone else, Martha (In this story Jack and Martha broke up after Jack cheated on her with Hayley before she left). Can Tasha win Robbie back?

The Diner

Robbie and Lizzie are in the diner having lunch when.

“Hey I gotta go Robbie I will see you tonight?” Martha asked.

“Yep, sure” Robbie said as he gave Martha a nice peck on the cheek.

Just as Robbie was about to pay the cheek Tasha came rushing in saying “Robbie you were right about everything to do with the believers everything, for the past few days they have locked me up. They drugged me and rapped me and and and.”. “Hey, just stop Tasha” Robbie said as he gave Tasha a big bear hug. “I’m, so sorry Robbie for everything, for not believing you and everything, I’m so sorry”. Tasha said. “Hey, hey don’t worry just come here.” Robbie said giving Tasha another hug.

After Tasha had time to calm down and had talked to Jack to see Mumma Rose and Jonah behind bars, she got talking to Robbie at the diner. “thanks so much for everything Robbie” Tasha said with a smile. “No worries, but I gotta get going sorry” Robbie said about to leave. “What? Where?” Tasha said. “I thought we could talk” Tasha said again. “No, I gotta get going I have got to meet Martha.” Robbie said. “What? Why? Can’t you just stay here for a little longer.” Tasha said. “No I don’t want to stand her up” Robbie said. “What do you mean?” Tasha said. Just at that moment Martha walked into the room. “Hey Robbie” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Tasha had the biggest frown on her face when she saw Martha kiss Robbie. “Oh, Tasha what are you doing here?” Martha asked. Tasha put on a smile and said. “I just got here a couple hours ago, I figured the truth about the believers and came back here to see if I could patch things up” Tasha said. “Oh that’s good, so were about to head off to Noah’s do you want to come I could fill you in with all the juicy gossip going around” Martha said to Tasha. “Na, I don’t want to be annoying” Tasha said softly. “Na we would love you to come.” Martha said nudging Robbie to say its ok. “Yeah you should come we could catch up some more” Robbie said. “Ok then, I just need to change I must really smell” Tasha said. “Yeah, you do” Martha said laughing. “I will give you some of my clothes from up stairs and you can have a shower” Martha said. Tasha and Martha went up the stairs and Martha came soon down saying Tasha would meet them at Noah’s after she had had a shower.


Tasha walked over to Noah’s after she had had a shower, she saw Robbie and Martha but it wasn’t a very pleasant sight for her. They were kissing. Tasha was about to leave as it was getting to much for her but Martha yelled out “Here we are Tash”. Tasha walked over and sat next to Robbie while Martha went to get drinks. “So” Tasha said. “You and Martha a couple now, what about Jack” Tasha continued. Just at that moment Martha came back and said. “Jack cheated on me so I left him”. “Oh, I’m so sorry, no wonder he was so down this afternoon”. Tahsa said. “Na, its ok it was about a month ago so I have got use to it, and I’ve got Robbie now so everything is ok” Martha said grabbing Robbie’s hand and smiling at him and Robbie smiling back. Tasha’s face swelled up with tears. It reminded her of when she was with Robbie and how happy she was, and how she made the biggest mistake leaving him. “I’m going to go to the bathroom, ok” Tasha said running out of the room. Tasha ran into the bathroom and broke down into tears and realized her and Robbie will never be together again.

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Part 2

Tasha moved back into Irene’s house and set up everything there, she spent the past two days thinking about Robbie and how she had stuffed everything up. Irene could tell that Tasha was upset because she hadn’t left the house for the past couple of days so she decided to find out what was wrong. “Is there anything you want to tell me love?” Irene said. “No, everything is fine” Tasha said putting a fake smile on her face. “I wasn’t born yesterday something is wrong and I would love it if you could tell me.” Irene said trying to get more out of Tasha. Tasha finally cracked and began to cry. “I have ruined everything” Tasha said crying. “Hey, hey, hey Tasha” Irene said hugging Tasha. “What do you mean everything? Irene asked. “I made the biggest mistake of leaving Robbie for the believers, if I wasn’t so stupid I would be with Robbie now and I would be happy” Tasha said crying some more. “I love him so much and it kills me to see him with someone else” Tasha said some more. “Now, Tasha. Do you really love Robbie or is it just you want something you can’t have?” Irene asked. “No, I love Robbie. I always have and always will” Tasha said. “Well, I’m sorry to sound harsh but because you were so stupid to believe them you have lost Robbie, It might not be forever.” Irene said. “What” Tasha said “Martha and Robbie might not be forever but cause there together now you will just have to deal with it ok” Irene said. “Yes” Tasha said with a smile on her face. “Or they could break up now and I could have Robbie again” Tasha said to herself. “Did you say something love” Irene asked. “No Irene” Tasha said running up the stairs.

Tasha got Jack on the phone and invited him around for a talk or to try and get Jack back together with Martha. “Hey Jack” Tasha said. “So what did you want” Jack asked. “I just wanted to have a chat” Tasha said “Ok then” Jack said. “So you and Martha. Why did you break up?” Tasha asked. “I thought Martha would of told you I accidentally kissed Hayley before she left” Jack said. “What and Scoot never found out” Tasha asked looking concerned. “No” Jack said. “So how do you feel with Martha with Robbie?” Tasha asked. “Well I can’t stop her for falling for Robbie he’s a great guy” Jack said. “Yeah, he is” Tasha said under her breath.

Moments later when Jack was leaving Tasha said “So you know what to do”. And jack replied ‘Yep sure do, see you later” and he left. Tasha stepped back inside and had a massive grin on her face. Just at that moment Martha popped over asking Tasha if she would like to go and have dinner and the Diner with her and Robbie, she said yes but only to get the plan into action.

Next Time: Will Tasha win Robbie back?

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Part 3

Irene’s House

Tasha was determined to get Robbie back no matter what so she invited him over to try and get him back.

There was a knock at the door Tasha went to go and get it, it was Robbie. “So what do you want” Robbie asked. “It sounded like an emergency” Robbie said again. “No, no emergency I just wanted you over just to at least get our friendship back to normal” Tasha said. “Ok” Robbie said. “I will be back, I have got something to show you” Tasha said running up stairs. “Tasha came down with a box of thing. She sat next to Robbie on the coach and pulled out the first item. It was a green box. Robbie made this for Tasha ages ago before they started going out. “now I remember when you first gave this to me, it was before we were going out, I wasn’t very greatfull of it” Tasha said. Tasha pushed the button and it opened. It was a box with heaps of leaves and it smelled like the bush. “I can’t believe you kept this” Robbie said smiling. “I kept everything you made for me, I know the leaves might be dead but still smells you made this for me to remind me of the bush so I wouldn’t feel home sick out of the bush, but it didn’t remind me of the bush, it remined me of you” Tasha said. Tasha leaned over to kiss Robbie, he hesitated for a little while but soon he was locking lips with Tasha. Robbie stopped and said I can’t do this im with Martha”. “But it feels so right” Tasha said learing over to Robbie some more. ‘You actually think that I would want you back after you treated me like crap” Robbie said. “What, we love each other” Tasha said. “that didn’t stop you from leaving me and breaking my heart” Robbie said. “I’m going” Robbie said running out the door. Tasha stood motionless watching Robbie leave this is not what she planned would happen.

Robbie filled with guilt rushed over to the Diner when he saw something strange. She saw Martha and Jack there Kissing. But Robbie didn’t feel angry or sad or anything. He was happy to see them together. Robbie then realized he doesn’t love Martha like he loves Tasha. Robbie ran over to Tasha’s house he couldn’t find her for a few seconds so he yelled “Tasha”. Just at that moment a emotional crying Tasha came out of her room and said “What are you doing here?” “Why do you think?” Robbie said as he grabbed Tasha and gave her a big passionate kiss.

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Part 4

Robbie and Tasha lay in each other’s arms on the couch kissing, when they finally pulled away from each other Tasha said Robbie “What about Martha”. “Well, I saw her kissing Jack and I didn’t feel a thing and I realized I didn’t love her, or even really care about her I was just with her cause I was thought I was never going to see you again” Robbie said. Tasha just looked into Robbie’s eyes which at this point were swelling up with tears. Tasha just smiled and kissed Robbie again. “I never thought we would ever be like this again, I never thought I could hold you like I am right now, I love you so much” Tasha said. “I love you too” Robbie said. Tasha just smiled and went for another kiss. Robbie moved away from Tasha for a moment to pick up the green box that was still on the table, Robbie just laughed. “What” Tasha asked. “I just can’t believe you kept this after all these years” Robbie said. “It was only like 2 years ago” Tasha said. “It seems so long ago, I still remember the day when you saved my life I was such an idiot” Robbie said. Tasha just stared to smile and said. “But if you weren’t an idiot we wouldn’t be here right now would we?” “No we wouldn’t, I’m still going to keep my promise” Robbie said. “What was that?” Tasha asked. “I said I was going to make sure nothing happened to you and I will make sure nothing bad will happen to you” Robbie said smiling at Tasha. Tasha looked down to the ground. “Hey what’s wrong?” Robbie asked. “I’m so sorry for everything Jonah the believers, everything I put you through the past few months” Tasha said beginning to cry. Robbie wiped away the tears. “I know everything is never going to be the same again” Tasha said while more tears ran down her cheeks. “Hey, hey stop, I know not everything is not going to be the same but we can try” Robbie said. Robbie whipped away more tears and put his hand under Tasha’s chin and tiled her heard up and gave her a nice soft kiss on the lips. Robbie stopped and said “After this whole experience it has torn us apart and I have gotta admit that I might not be able to trust you anymore, well not as much as I used to and will take a lot of time.”. Tasha stopped and thought for a while. “What if I could prove to you that I am committed completely to you” Tasha said. “How are you going to do that?” Robbie asked. “Well, how about you go home for a few hours and then come round about 9 and we will have the biggest and best night of our lives” Tasha said smilling. Robbie didn’t know what was going on but he went along with it. “First thing I have to do is talk to Martha, I will do that now and meet you here at 9 ok” Robbie said. “Ok” Tasha said hugging Robbie goodbye. “See you tonight” Robbie said leaving.

The Diner

Martha and Jack finally pulled away from each other, “Why re you doing this? You said your self breaking up was a good thing. I don’t understand” Martha said. ‘I can’t escape how I fell about you Martha I have and always will love you” Jack said leering over for another kiss. Martha pulled away and said “What about Robbie?” Martha said. “I do really care about him” She added. ”You have gotta face the truth” jack said. “You and Robbie were never right for each other you and me are” Jack continued. “Robbie and Tasha will eventually get back togther that’s a couple that are made for each other like you and me” Jack said. “Yeah I guess so” Martha said about to kiss Jack. Just as Martha was kissing Jack again they were interrupted by a voice saying “It’s over Martha”. It was Robbie. “We have been kidding ourselves the past couple weeks we have been together it was never going to work, you go with Jack and I will go back to Tasha” Robbie said as he left the room with a grin on his face. “I guess that sorted out then” Martha said kissing Jack some more. Everyone in the diner looked at Martha and jack and Alf said “you people change boyfriend and girlfriends more than the weather”. But Martha and Jack didn’t care.

Next time: What will Tasha's big suprise for Robbie be?

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Part 5

Robbie walked of to Tasha’s place pressed nicely and carrying a big beautiful bunch of flowers. He walked into the Beach House and there was hundreds of lit candles everywhere. “Tash, are you here” Robbie said. Tasha emerged from the kitchen hey, you early” Tasha said. “So do you want me to go and come back later” Robbie said jokingly. “No you idiot” Tasha said. “Here, these are for you” Robbie said handing the bunch of flowers over to Tasha. “Oh thanks, theres a note,” Tasha said about to read the note. Tasha read it out loud. “Two years ago I set my eyes on you 730 days, 730 is how many times a have kissed you, 730 times I have hugged you, 730 times I have thought about you, 730 times I have said I love you and 730 times I have thought I am the luckiest guy in the world. I love you more than 730 times”. Tasha’s eyes swelled up with tears. “Thank you, so much Robbie I love you too” Tasha said and gave Robbie a romantic kiss. “I will just put them in water and then we can eat” Tasha added. “Robbie sat down at the table and Tasha came out with a big delicious roast. “You have got no idea how long this took me to make this, but I will do anything to make our night even more special” Tashas said digging into the roast meal. “It has been so long since I have had meat and I have been craving it for ages” Tasha said jokingly and Robbie just smiled and dug into the food.

“ That was a great meal, thanks Tasha” Robbie said feeling full. “Why don’t we go for a walk Robbie to walk of our food?” Tasha asked. “Sure, why not” Robbie said. Robbie grapped Tasha’s hand and walked out the door. Robbie and Tasha walked along the beach hand in hand when Robbie and Tasha stopped to sit in the sand. Tasha put her arm around Robbie and said “So do you want to know what I have done to be 100% commited to you”. “Ok, sure” Robbie said looking startled. Tasha lifted up her long beautiful hair and there was a tattoo and it said Tasha 4 Robbie 4ever on her sholderblade. Robbie looked at it and thought OMG, “I can’t believe you did this, im just gob smacked” Robbie said. Tasha just laughed and said, “Well you wanted to know that I am commited to you forever so this is how”. “I just can’t believe you would go through so much just to…” Robbie said being interrupted by Tasha. “I love you and I don’t care how much I have to go through to show you and the world that” Tasha said. Tasha put her hair back down and gave Robbie and hug and a kiss but it was cut short when 2 familiar people showed up “Hey Robbie, Tash” Martha said with her hand holding Jacks. Everything was silent until Jack spoke “so how are you both?” “Were great Thanks” Tasha said with a smile on her face. “Well this is uncomfortable were going to get going now” Robbie said. “Bye” Jack and Martha said at the same time. “Well that was weird” Robbie said to Tasha walking away.

Next time: What else does Tasha have in store for Robbie?

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