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Wed 8 Feb 06 - "Kickback King"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Kickback King"

Robbie storms out of the council building with josh on his tail. Robbie insists that he’s going to expose josh & Amanda. Josh insists that Robbie will be in a world of legal pain if he does this … as Robbie accepted all those bribes form all those companies. Robbie insists that he WILL expose josh etc.

Jack *Martha enter the police station with Jonah. Jack tells the SGT what’s happened, and Jonah is led to the interview room. Tash tells Martha that she’s can’t believe that Martha is saying all these lies, whilst Martha can’t believe that Tash is believing Jonah’s words of hers.

In the interview room, things naturally get heated, to the point where jack grabs Jonah. The SGT insists that jack should leave the room, whilst Jonah hopes that he doesn’t receive any more harassment.

Meanwhile, Tash & Martha continue to try and convince that other about who is telling the truth. Martha insists that the drug test that she is getting will proof that she is telling the truth. Tash insists that Martha is lying.

When Jonah exits the interview room, Tash suggests that the police should stop harassing them, and when the SGT goes into another office, he WAY berates jack fro his behaviour.

At the diner, colleen answers the phone. The person hangs up immediately and colleen comments that its tat 2n time that’s happened today (note – suspect that its peter want to speak to Leah).

Tony & Beth approach the counter and they talks to colleen about Beth’s birthday drinks at noash’s tonight. Sally enters the diners and she tells Beth that she is hoping to make it tonight (but isn’t sure because of Flynn).

Dan is helping Leah in the kitchen when colleen reminds Leah to take her break. Colleen then comments about a red car that is outside that diner that is obstructing the delivery vans that come to the diner (I suspect peter with the red car).

Leah & sally exit the diner and begin walking along the beach. They talk about Flynn’s heath and about leah/dan. Part of this scene is viewed form the perspective on the person in the red car.

Robbie enters the diner, and he talks to Irene about his troubles, and she’s concern that what Robbie is saying is very similar to what we told her yesterday etc. Robbie insists that the situation he’s talking about is hypothetical.

At the farm, Tash tells Jonah that she can’t believe what Martha is saying. Jonah insists that Martha fears the unknown, and will manipulate situations to their own benefit (nice touch, given how manipulative the believers are).

At Noah’s, jack tells alf & Co that Jonah has been let free … and that jack is eagerly awaiting Martha’s drug tests results.

At the van park house, Flynn takes a jug of water from the fridge (and we see a framed pic of infant pippa on the door). The jar shakes in Flynn’s hand. Sally wonders if Flynn is up to going to the celebrations for Beth. Flynn insists that he is. Flynn then doubles over in pain, but he still insists on going, as this might be the last time that he is able to go to a big party like this.

Leah & dan arrive at the van park house, and those 3 and sally/flynn goes to the surf club. When they are outside the club, Flynn double over again, but insist on not going home. We see part this from the perspective of someone) peter_ watching them.

When sally & Co go inside, they see that there’s lots of ppl at Beth’s party. There’s lots of balloons about the place, and Tony give a REALLY short speech wishing Beth another great “25” years.

Graham & Amanda arrive. Beth notes that they are in the room, whilst Robbie talks to jack & Martha about Tash. Jack assures Robbie that only evidence (drug tests) will make a difference, ie Tash will HAVE to beilieve them.

Robbie also says that the council has done NOTHING about the believers.

In the next scene, we see why. Near the farm, Jonah hands josh a BIG pile of money. Josh insists that, if not for him, the believers never would be able to be here in the bay.Jonah tanks josh, and asks him for another favour.

At the party, Alf & colleen comment about how close Beth & Tony are, colleen also comments on how good it is that leah/dan are back together. The relationship talk turns to jack/Martha, who are really enjoying each other’s company.

Jack’s mobile rings ….. and he is shocked, as is Martha, that the test results are negative.

Near the farm, josh is on the phone/ he thanks Bert (the hospital guy who Amanda fooled last year) for doing this favour for him.

At the party, Beth is talking to Graham & Amanda, and when the conversation is finished, Tony comments on how civil the chat was.

Nearby, dan approaches Leah. She says that she is gong to head form home, and she is tired because of the pregnancy. Leah insists that dan should stay.

Sally exits the club with Leah. Sally wonders what is concerning Leah. Leah is forced to admit that she DOES still feel something for peter.

We see Leah walking away from the club, and sally going back inside from the perspective of the person who’s been watching Leah.

We then actually see who it is …………… (of course it’s) PETER !!!!! (end of ep)


Will Rachel break the rules and begin a relationship with kimmy

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