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Family Guy

Guest Dean

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I taped a whole bunch of them off Foxtel and 7. They've served me well.

I got a Family Guy Christmas DVD... for Christmas... but I haven't watched it yet. I might do that now actually.

Peter: "I'm fine? What are you coming onto me now?"

Lois: "Peter, he's not coming onto you. He's trying to tell you that you're healthy."

Doctor: "...Can't it be both?"

Peter: "What's heaven like?"

Nate: "It's nice. There's a shortage of chairs though."

Peter: "Oh o_o"

Nate: "Yeah..."

Death: "What did you make this cocoa out of, crap?"

Lois: "If you want me to make it again..."

Death: "No no, it's fine. I just assumed you were going to make it with milk. Not crap."

[bill Gates and Michael Eisner using rocket packs]

Michael: "Wow. The people look like ants from up here."

Bill: "They are ants, Michael. They ARE ants."

Brian: "Congratulations Peter. You've managed to get a picture of Luke Perry vomiting."

Peter: "Ah that's no good Brian. Gays don't vomit. They're a very clean people. And they have been ever since they came here from France."

Peter's last braincell: "I'm the only one left. Well at least I have my books. [Drops and breaks his glasses.] No... it's not fair! There was TIME now!"


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I like Family Guy more than Simpsons. I don't watch it much, by brothers have a few dvd's and the 'Stewie movie'.

I like the ep where the world kinda ends and the Griffin family go in search of the twinkie factory. I like the part where they rock up to that house where the guy is playing the piano and is singing that song. And he's like ' she take and apple from the tree. She gonna blow on it first and then take a bite', or something like that. It makes me laugh everytime.

My 9 year old brother has one of those little sensor Stewie dolls. When you touch it oe it moves; it shrieks out some of Stewie's sayings. It's loud and scares the crap out of you sometimes. LOL

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My sister has seasons 4 and 5 on dvd. They're hilarious!

Just saw a clip online though that I hadn't seen before. Peter, Chris, Brian & Stewie are having a competition to see who can not be sick the longest after drinking some kind of medicine, I think. It's funny, but kinda disgusting, lol.

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Lol I adore Family Guy!!! I've been watching it late at night with my brother lol - its all his dvds i steal, so i kind of have to watch it with him .....

Last night there was one where Stewie was being threatening (for a change) and he said:

"I'll do to you what I did to John Lennon!"


Stewie: John, this is Yoko. Yoko, this is John

That cracked me up!!

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