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Tues 7 Feb 06 - "Scandal City"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Scandal City"

Martha is still unconscious in the shed when Charity enters. Charity looks disdainfully at her.

In the main part of the camp, Tash is concerned that Martha has left so suddenly. Tash feels that its very un-Martha like to do that. Charity approaches and says that Martha isn’t really that much of a friend if she just leaves the commune without saying goodbye to Tash.

At the surf club, jack & alf are annoyed that Martha appears to running V late. Jack rings Martha’s mobile, there’s no answer though. Jack is a little concerned.

Back at the farm, Tash is walking towards the shed that Martha is in. charity is just able to stop her form entering, saying that the don’t need some supplies after all. Jonah then enters the shed, and grabs Tasha’s mobile.

Back at the main part of the camp, Jonah & charity discuss the Martha situation. Jack thinks that charity should have grabbed Martha’s mobile esp. since there’s a message form jack. The phone rings, and charity panics & instantly ends that call. Jack (at Noah’s) is concerned by this, but he receives a text message (saying that Martha is at the farm & is way busy) moments later.

Jack & alf discuss going out to the farm, but jack suggests against it, as it will ruin Martha’s undercover enquires.

At the farm, charity tells Jonah that she has earlier give Martha another dose of drugs that should keep her unconscious until Mumma rose arrives back at the farm.

Charity is however, wrong, as Martha begins to stir. She feels & looks as terrible as Tash did. Martha tries to smash open to locked door with a shovel but she is unsuccessful.

At the farm, Martha is getting way stressed but she discovers that there are some crates covering a small entrance to the shed. She crawls through the opening, and then uses the tents as cover as she tries to escape.

Meanwhile, Tash wonders why Jonah seems so distant. Jonah says that that is what he though Tash wanted, but Tasha insists that she didn’t want Jonah to back off this much.

Jonah sees Martha and chases after her but he trips over whilst running, and Martha escapes.

As Jack & the others are about to leave the surf club, a MEGA distressed Martha arrives she tells then about what happened to her and to Rebecca.

Jack, Martha & several police officers arrive at the farm in 2 squad cars. Jack says that he was a warrant to search the place and Martha leads him to the hatch. Jonah & the others protest but jack insists that he will charge Jonah & Co with hampering an investigation.

When they arrive at the hatch, and open it, there’s just compost in there. Martha insists that Rebecca WAS there. The believers (incl. charity & Tash) suggests that jack & the police should stop harassing them. Jack, however, charges Jonah with drugging & holding Martha against her will.

At the diner, Robbie, Tony & colleen are talking about the presents etc that Beth have received for her birthday. Colleen is partic impressed by the earrings that Beth received form Tony.

Amanda & Graham arrive and Beth says that she doesn’t need this on her birthday. Graham & Amanda insist that are not here to fight. Amanda gives Beth a birthday card, and inside the card is the post nup agreement.

Robbie’s phone rings, it’s josh and Robbie isn’t keen on leaving his mum’s birthday celebrations, but josh insists that Robbie musty run an errand for him.

When Robbie meets with josh at the surf club, Robbie wonders what’s happening with the believers’ investigation. Josh insists that the council’s top investigator is going to the farm today. Josh then asks Robbie to deliver an envelope to a certain location. Josh tells Robbie to deliver the rtn package to josh at the council chambers.

Josh thane goes to Amanda’s Flat. She greets him at the door and says that Graham is in the shower. Josh then kisses Amanda’s neck, but she insists that he should not do that as she doesn’t want Graham to find out etc.

At Noah’s, Beth & Tony ask alf & jack if they’ll be joining them form birthday drinks at Beth’s house. Also, Tony suggests that maybe Beth shouldn’t be so sceptical of Amanda now (because of the post nup thing).

Robbie goes to the council chambers, and he wants to see josh. The receptionist says that josh isn’t there. Robbie enquires about the inspector that josh told him about. The receptionist has NO IDEA what Robbie is talking about, and adds that the inspector is at a conference for a number of days.

Robbie goes to the surf club. He tells josh what the receptionist told him. Robbie then insists that since Josh appears to be doing nothing about the believers, he’s going to tell Graham about how Amanda is cheating on him !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Someone (Peter) is stalking Leah !!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post # 600 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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