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Ex Last Man Standing star heads to Summer Bay

Guest Andy

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We all know Seven drama Last Man Standing fell over last year but one of its stars, Rodger Corser, who played Adam in the series, is filming a guest role on Home And Away.

He'll appear in April and play a love interest for one of the main cast ... but Seven won't say who.

Source: Daily Telegraph, 8 Feb 2006

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Oh God he does look a bit like Flynn except this guys cuter (which isnt hard!). Nah I think he's been brought in for Peter :P We need a gay relationship in H&A and poor ol' Pete has had no luck with women recently, I'm not surprised that he would want to see what the grass was like on the other side of the fence :lol:

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hmmm who could it be? it is strange they say main cast..

let's take a look at the options:

*Sally (possibly but I think it would be too soon after Flynn)

*Leah (too much happening with Peter and Dan)

*Rachel (prob most likely but can we say another love triangle with Kim :rolleyes: )

*Irene or Colleen or Beth (um nah :lol: )

*Martha (another posibility but that would then be another love triangle)

*Tasha (No I don't see it happening)

*Amanda (this is the one I would choose)

*Cassie & Matilda (too young)

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