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Mon 6 Feb 06 - " Reborn "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Reborn "

Josh is surprised when Robbie enters his office without josh’s secretary announcing him. Robbie asks josh how things are progressing with the investigations into the believers. The secretary enters and says that she was just away form her desk for a second when Robbie enters josh’s office.

When the secretary exits the room, josh insists that the investigations have commenced, but Robbie must now do some of his part of the bargain. Josh hands Robbie an envelope and tells him to deliver it to a certain address.

When Robbie arrives at the place (a garage called Lomax motors) and meets with a man with tattoos and a really short haircut. Robbie discovers that the guy he’s just met isn’t the guy that she he’s to deliver the package too.

Robbie has to bide his time whilst waiting for Mr Lomax incl. when another tattooed guy arrives wit a package. The unknown guy leaves with a BIG stash of money.

When Mr Lomax arrives, Robbie gives him josh’s package …. And Lomax hands Robbie an envelope. When Robbie exits the building, he starts to run but the contents of the envelope (LOTS of money) fall out. Robbie is really intrigued,

Robbie meets up with josh at the surf club. Josh wonders if Robbie has seen what’s it the envelope, but Robbie insists that he hasn’t. Josh then assure Robbie once more that things are progressing with the investigations into the believers.

Robbie then goes to the diner, where Irene shows him the cake that the diner has prepared for Beth’s birthday.

Robbie asks Irene that if doing something bad (working for josh) is worth it if something good (investigation into the believers) come out of it. Robbie doesn’t go into details but Irene thinks that what Robbie is doing is OK.

Tash awakes in a tenet at the commune. She feels & looks terrible. She gets out of the tenet and Jonah tells her that several ppl at the commune got food poisoning form the mushrooms. Jonah seems uneasy about what’s happened.

Jonah goes over t9o Martha rose. He says that Tash was no recollection of what happened. Mumma rose says that what Jonah & Tash have done is a wonderful thing, which will ensure that survival of the believers.

Martha is at the diner virtually shouting into her phone whilst talking to jack. When she gets off the phone, Martha tells alf that she can’t believe that the police won’t act. Alf suggests that Martha shouldn’t “go off” like this in the diner.

Martha then goes to the commune she’s VERY worried about what’s happened to the still V ill Tash.

Mumma rose enters that tent and talks to Martha & Tash. Martha suggests that she should make some herbal tea etc for Tash. Mumma rose suggests that guy should go with Martha, in case she “gets lost”. When Martha exits that tent, Mumma rose talks to Tash …. and she has her hand of Tasha’s stomach as she talks.

Martha wanders into the bush alone. She arrives at the spot where the hatch is. She has clear the ground cover that is keeping it secret when Guy arrives. Martha says that she once more got lost.

Back at the Main part of the commune, Tash decides to Mumma rose that she can remember part of her “dream” Tash says that she has remember being suffocated. Mumma rose, in a total cult leaser type way, says that the dream means that Tash has now been REBORN because she has left her old life behind etc.

Martha & guy arrive back at the main part of the farm. Mumma Rose tells Martha that she wants to see more commitment from her, ie she wants Martha to resign form her job etc. Martha insists those doings that will takes a couple of days etc

Martha then goes to the hatch. She removes most of the ground cover, and tries to break the big lock on it. Rebecca is crying out for help. Martha says that she’ll need to go and get that help, as she can’t open the hatch herself. Not surprisingly, all the while, Mumma rose is watching Martha at the hatch.

Martha returns to then Main part of the farm. She goes into one of the tents. She’

S about to grab her mobile, when Mumma rose enters. Martha says that she forgot something and no that she has it, she’ll be leaving. Mumma rose insists that “you’re not going anywhere !!!!”

Tash & Jonah are talking at the farm. Tash says that it will good to have Martha around, as a link between her old life & her new one. When thy approach Mumma rose, she says that Martha has chosen to never to return to the farm.

Meanwhile, we then see Martha… unconscious in a shed!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Will Jack etc be able to save Martha ???

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