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Real Aussies to Represent

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Real Aussies to Represent

Sydney MX

6 February 2006

After two years of churning out scripts for Home and Away, Sabour Bradley and Clare Atkins decided the blonde, blue-eyed antics of Summer Bay were too plastic.

Both in their late 20s, they quit to make an "anti-Home and Away" series after running script workshops for kids in west Sydney.

"All the kids watched Home and Away and there were lots of indigenous kids and one question that kept coming up was 'how come there are no black people or fat or ugly people?'" Bradley said.

"One little Pacific Islander kid said 'I don't mean to be rude, but are you guys racist?'"

We thought, 'we have to do something if lots of kids out there don't feel represented'."

In two weeks, they kick off the first of a series of mass workshops to get script ideas for the Represent project.

They hope to give youth the skills to create and write their own six-part, half-hour series.

They call on anyone from the inner city aged 17 to 25 with a story to tell.

"It's about giving a voice to those people who have been pretty voiceless. We can see the racial tension throughout Sydney," Bradley said.

For details, call 0416 479 187 or email representproductions@gmail.com.

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