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Fri 3 Feb 06 - " We KNOW What’s In THIS Hatch "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " We KNOW What’s In THIS Hatch "

Mumma Rose tells Jonah that she is suspicious of Martha, but Jonah insists that trash has never been happier than she has been since Martha arrived. Jonah insists that Martha’s arrival could aid him in his quest to make trash preggers.

Soon after, mumma rose officially welcomes Martha into the believers, and then Martha talks o Jonah.

Soon after, Martha is in diner talk to jack. She says there's no sign of the shrine that Robbie talks about. Jack is against Martha’s suggestions that she should stay at farm another night ... but Martha insists that they think that she IS a believer. Morag overhears part of the conversation and is intrigued.

Morag has a go at Martha & jack for Martha playing detective. Morag goes a bit far by suggesting that trash is an intelligent girl too (and yet got sucked in by the believers)

At the commune, Jonah tries to "get fresh" with Tash ..... but tash insists that she not ready.

Soon after, whilst colleting firewood, Martha quizzes tash about mamma rose, eg if tash has seen a side of mamma rose that isn't soft & cuddly. When tash walk away, Martha hears what sounds like crying, but Jonah approaches Martha and spooks here. He suggest that they can find more firewood elsewhere.

Martha then wanders off from where Jonah & tash and hears he crying. She moves some ground cover ... and sees a secret hatch. Martha then hears someone approach .... she covers the hatch before mumma rose arrives ...... Martha sys that she got separated form Jonah & tash. is clear that mamma rose is waaaaaaaaaaay suspicious.

Soon after, a distressed Martha rushes into he diner .... and tells jack & co about the hatch.

Meanwhile, Jonah tells mamma rose that he needs more time with tash. Mamma rose says that they'll do things her way. Mamma rose then puts (I assume) some drugs in tasha's drink .... before handing it to tash (end of ep)

At van park house, Flynn is lying on couch, he is paretic unwell. Tilly & Luke arrive and suggests that rich & cassia might want to go o diner with them.

When they are a diner, they talk to Alf and colleen about Flynn. Irene enters, and says that her car has been broken into. Ric is already thinking who might be responsible.

When ric & Cassie arrive home, they look at the mail. There’s a note from mystery person. They want ric to meet them at campo site.

Ric goes there, but as mystery person approaches, so too does Tilly & Luke. Mystery person is spooked and runs away.

Ric runs after mystery person, and is shocked that it's a girl when he catches up to her.

As they talk, belle introduces herself. She says that she is in the bay, as she knows that her birth mother lives in the bat. Belle also insists that ric can't tell anyone that she is here, as is her adopted parents find out she'll be in a world of pain.

Later, ric is helping make dinner ay the van park house. He hides something in the cupboard, and says that he has to go out of buy some.

Ric hen approaches belle's campsite. She gives him the food that he's got for her. Ric then suggests that belle should leave all her rubbish lying around, or break into cars etc. Ric then bails.


Whose stalking Leah? and Martha is trapped by the believers

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