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Wed 1 Feb 06 - "Things Just Aren't That Simple"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Things Just Aren't That Simple"

Rachel is running on the beach. Kimmy is chasing after her .. and finally catches up with her. Kimmy wants to confront Rachel their realtionship. Rachel is about to say something rather important when she sees someone in trouble in the ocean.

Kimmy & Rachel rush into the water and get Leah quickly back to the beach. They begin CPR. Colleen is walking on the beach and is shocked to see what's happened. Rachel & kimmy asks colleen to phone ambulance.

Colleen goes to surf club and tells alf, dan & peter that Leah is in trouble. Alf rings for ambulance … whilst colleen, dan & peter rush to the beach.

Dan wants to help Rachel & kimmy revive but peter prevents him … as peter insists that kimmy & Rachel are already trying to save her etc. kimmy & Rachel finally revive leah.

At the hospital, alf comments to Rachel & kimmy made a very good team. Alf then notices that kimmy has cut his arm, and Rachel insists that he should have the injury tended to.

When kimmy eventually agrees, Rachel tends to his wound. Kimmy suggests that if Rachel DOES have feelings fro him, then he’ll go to another psychiatrist etc. Rachel then insists it’s not that simple. Rachel says that because she has been his doctor they can NEVER have a romantic relationship. Kimmy at east has the satisfaction that Rachel is holding back tears when she tells him.

AT the hospital, the male doctor tells the likes of dan & peter that Leah appears to be OK.

Whilst dan is in Leah’s room, peter is surprised when Rachel knows about leah/peter.

Soon after, Leah has an ultrasound. The doctor indicates that the baby is alive, but he is worried that the foetus may have suffered brain damage (because of the amount of time that Leah and the baby weren’t receiving oxygen when Leah was unconscious).

Peter is in Leah’s room. She insists that she must have lost concentration and slipped on the rocks. Peter insists that he’s definitely going to go back to the city and leave leah/dan alone.

When dan ^ peter are at Leah’s house, dan asks if leah/dan is then reason that peter is going back o the city. Peter insists that he REALLY was to get back there for work. Dan eventually believes him.

Colleen enters the diner and comments on how Robbie must be forlorn because of the leah/dan situation, but Robbie insists that its because Robbie has lost Tash to the believers. Colleen suggests that perhaps Robbie should speak to the council about such matters…. And she tells Robbie, Tony & Beth a story about how of friend of hers complained about a family who had a foul mouth parrot etc.

Meanwhile, also at the diner, Morag encounters Amanda. Morag comments that she saw a handbag just like Amanda’s … on josh’s desk. Amanda says that Morag is concerning herself with petty matters …. but Amanda immediately goes to the surf club and tells josh that she IS really worried about Morag.

Soon after, Robbie approaches josh. He tells josh about all the things that the believers are doing (washing themselves in the river etc). When josh seems to be ignoring Robbie, Robbie insists that he’ll do anything to get something done about the believers. When josh suggests that Robbie can do some odd jobs for the council, Robbie agrees.

Robbie goes to the diner, he speaks to Alf & Morag about his deal with josh. Morag suggest that he should be cautious.

Amanda goes to Josh’ office and she’s got a scarf in her head – to disguise herself. Amanda isn’t that keen on getting romantic with josh .. but he kisses her neck and then we see THAT trademark Amanda smile.

Soon after, Robbie enters the council building. Amanda & josh are kissing when Robbie knocks on the door. They are shocked when he enters the room straight after knocking (end of ep).


Will Robbie accept bribes from Josh? whilst jack is shocked when Martha joins The Believers

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