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Tues 31 Jan 06 - " Ryan’s Future ??? "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Ryan’s Future ??? "

Kimmy foes to the surf club to get the gym looking great again before it reopens. He t& alf comment that they both don’t know that gym’s new owners.

Rachel enters the surf club, and is keen to join to gym until she discovers that kimmy is going to be ruining the place.

When kimmy is at his next counselling session, Rachel is annoyed that kimmy is just giving her yes or no answers. Kimmy insists that he too is just trying to keep this professional. Kimmy even bails from the session 5 minutes early.

We then see an intercut scene … kimmy is at the gym, with Rachel in her office, and both are anguished about what’s happened.

Later, at Noah’s, kimmy is talking to Hyde about himself & Rachel. When kimmy says that he & Rachel were getting on REALLY REALLY well before Rachel started her "professional" attitude, hyde suggests that Rachel has done this because of doctor/patient relationship is just the same as a student/teacher one …. as someone is in a position of authority which could be exploited etc.

Soon after, kimmy encounters Rachel at the surf club. Kimmy says that he doesn’t care about the doctor/patient thing … but Rachel insists that she is going to refer kimmy to another counsellor.

Cassie tells Ric that she thinks that they should tell sally & Flynn about the mystery person stealing their food etc, but Ric isn’t budging (esp. because of his time on the streets after he thought he’d killed his dad).

Late at night, Ric thinks he hears someone in the house, and he finds, on the back patio, he finds a note …. mystery person (Belle) wants her rucksack returned.

Next morning, Ric goes into the bush …. He puts that big bag back where he found it. He includes a note saying the he CAN be trusted.

Meanwhile, back at the van park house, sally notices that lots of food is missing. Cassie tries to cover for Ric (and the mystery person) but Cassie eventually caves in and tells Sally.

When Ric returns to the house, sally has a go at him (esp. because of the possibility that something cold have happened to toddler pippa). Despite Ric’s protests, sally phones the police.

Ric is forced to take sally & 2 police officers (neither of which is jack) to where the mystery person has been camping out. There’s no sign of anything of the person’s things. Sally apologises fro wasting the police officers’ time – but we can see that Ric, like, senses the nearby presence of the mystery person.

When sally & the police walk away, we see Ric from the perspective of the mystery person, ie in this bit of the scene, we can just see part of the hooded mystery person is the foreground looking at Ric).

Ric then sees that there’s a piece of paper under a rock where mystery person had their things. Ric is pleased when he reads the note … it says "thank you for covering for me"

At Leah’s place, she tells Sally about the dilemma that she’s in (with Dan & Peter).

Soon after, Leah & partic Dan are surprised when peter says that he has to return to the city because of an urgent investigation etc.

When Ryan hears this information, he’s rather annoyed, as he & peter haven’t had a chance to play together etc. Dan asks peter to at least hang around until he returns from checking out a disturbance at the high school.

When the hour that peter had agreed to stay in town for is up, he is about to go when Ryan decides to keep him in the bay in a rather intriguing way …. Ryan has "borrowed" Peter’s handcuffs and has used them to lock himself to the stove in Leah’s kitchen !!!!!!!!!!!1

When peter & leah discover what Ryan has done, neither of them is impressed …. And it takes forever before Ryan eventually gives Peter a clue that leads peter to finding the key and unlocking Ryan. Leah’s son thinks it’s a harsh "sentence" when Leah says that he’ll have to dry the dishes every night for the next week, peter suggests that Ryan has got off lightly after the stunt he pulled. Peter then bails.

Soon after, Leah is walking on some rocks by the ocean. She has flashbacks of when she & dan agree the give their realtionship a 2-nd chance, and of when she & Peter kissed. Leah then losses her balance … and falls into the SHALLOW water. She hits her head on the ocean floor …. Leah appears to be unconscious (end of ep)


Kimmy & Rachel try desperately to save Leah’s life

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