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Mon 30 Jan 06 - " Peter's Perfect Woman "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Peter's Perfect Woman "

Kimmy enters Noah’s. Alf tells him theta the new owners of the gym want him to stay on with the business. Alf give kimmy their business card … but neither kimmy or alf mentions who the new owner is.

Kimmy goes and talks to Irene & Hyde who are sitting together at Noah’s. He tells them about the news that he’s just got. Kimmy comments that he’s glad to be going back to that job … after the personal training that he’s been doing of late.

Talk then turns to Kimmy’s counselling sessions and he mentions that things aren’t as good now before of Rachel’s professional approach. Hyde suggests that kimmy should ask Rachel again if that’s (professional approach) all it is.

Later, at diner, kimmy encounters Rachel .. and asks her. Rachel assures kimmy that it’s just her having a professional approach etc.

Ric tells Tilly & the others that he fell asleep whilst waiting for the mystery person. He does tell them that he saw the person butt they were wearing that hooded top so he didn’t see their face.

A little later, Tilly, Ric, Cassie & Luke decide to go to the beach. Ric leaves the black & white pic on the table … and moments after the foursome have left the house, Belle enters.

When Ric & Cassie return to the house, Ric is about to get some food when he realise that several food items are missing. He instantly thinks it’s the mystery person.

Ric & Cassie go and search for the mystery person. They find the packaging to some of the food the person stole. Ric then sees the person … Ric & Cassie run after Belle … but she gives them the slip.

Soon after, Ric ^ Cassie are back at the van park house. Ric has the person’s rucksack. Cassie is not keen on Ric looking inside …. But he does, as he finds a small piece of paper that seems to have been ripped form a larger piece. Ric tells Cassie that the piece of paper says something about a person in summer bay being a mum.

Peter is of course surprised that Leah & dan has decided to give their relationship another chance. When Dan leaves the room, Leah & Peter tensely talk about that situation. When dan returns to the room, he senses the tension. Peter says that he told Leah that he wants to move out to give them some space. Dan insists that peter should satay … as he’s been as great support to dan etc.

Later, at Noah’s, peter & dan are talking. Peter describes his perfect woman … but dan is clueless that peter is talking about Leah.

Soon after, Peter & dan return to Leah’s place. They’ve bought champagne & beer and suggest that they should invite sally & flyyn over for a BBQ.

When sally & flyyn arrives, Flynn says that the tests results he got today are, overall, pretty good.

Whilst peter, Leah & Co are eating, its’ clear that dan is trying to get peter & Rachel (who he thought peter was talking about).

When the meal is over, and sally & flyyn have gone home, dan apologises to peter & Rachel.

Late than night, both Leah & peter can’t sleep. They encounter each other in the kitchen. Leah drops something ….. and they both reach down to pick it up. Peter tenderly strokes Leah’s face …. and they KISS (end of ep)


Leah’s life is in danger, Rachel battles her feelings for kimmy, and Ric continues his curiosity about the person that WE know is Belle!!!

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