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Thurs 26 Jan 06 - "Rachel, I Like You, But .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Rachel, I Like You, But You Have BAD Taste In Men !!! "

Rachel is in the kitchen of Leah';s house when Peter entry., Rachel takes this as her cue to get ready for work.

soon after she & leah are walking along the beach. rachel is stressing about her 1-st day as psych registrar at the hopital. leah reminds rachel that she's had experiences like before ... when she had an advice column in their high school newspaper. leah contnuies by commenting that rachel that she shouldn't however (like with the advice column) suggests that a griel should break up with a boy ..... that rachel happens to like !!!!

As they continue to walk, a surfer runs out of the water ...... and rachel comments that the person is HOT !!!!! leah says that the person is Kimmy. racehl says she didn't realise it was him ..... as rachel had only ever seenhim when he was lying down. rachel then decides to head off the work.

btw, before this beach scene, kimmy,hyde * irene entered the diner. Sveral ppl are pleased that kimmy had returned to the bay after being in a clinic in the city for a while ..... beginning to deal with his drug situation.

when rachel arrives at work, she is about to start arranging things on her desk ... when the head nurse enetrs the office. she wonders why rachel is late ..... but rachel hadn't got the message that they slotted in another patient before all her others.

you don't need to be a brain surgeon to figure out just who that 1-st patient is ..... and through the session, it's not only Rachel who is asking the questions. there's also a lot of laughter etc happening ...... and rachel definitely is smitten by kimmy (which prompted my ep title).

At Leah's place, we see a note that she has written herself - ultrasound 10am.leah & talking to rachel when peter enters the kitchen. he says that he'll have breakfast at the diner (i believe to avoid leah after their recent "moment" talk. virtually as soon as peter is gone, sally enetrs. leah formally introduces rachel to sally (after their breif meeting at the hopital). as rachel gets ready for work, leah & sally talk about the dan situation ..... leah isn;'t sure that she can ever trust dan again etc.

When leah arrives at work, dan suggests that they should, perhaps, go on a date ..... leah isn't keen .... but then she sees peter, and off course, agrees to the date with dan.

when leah arrives at home, dan has set up a picnic in longue room..... like the 1-st picnic thet ever had (after it rained). as the picnic continues, leah tells dan that it wil takes more that just a picnic to make things right again.

dan, dispondantly, takes some dishes to the kitchen ... where he sees THAT note ..... and goes back into longue and says "you're pregnant" with a SHOCK in his voice (end of ep)

AT the commune, Tash & Jonah are kissing before joanh leaves the tent, and the female believer that (apart form mumma rose) we've seennthe most of, speaks to tash. tash says that she likes jonah, but feels that she is still betraying robbie etc. the other girls says somethng to tash which gives her some serious food for thought.

soon after, Jonah & the girl are concerned ... as there is no sign of tash. they are worried that mumma rose will find out.

robbie is talking to luke, tony & beth about tash & the believers when tash arrives at the hunter house. she wants to speak to robbie.

they go to the beach ..... where robbie is encouraged by the way that tash is speaking .... but he misunderstands her. tash says that she is leaving robbie, and her old life, behind ... to be with joanha & the believers. robbie is distraught when tash removes her "wedding ring" and gives it to him.

Tash then goes to the diner .... where moments before, beth & toiny have tild irene what;s been happening with tash and the believers. as seon as tash arrives, irene tries to tell her that she's NOT going to stnd for loosing tash to a cult etc ..... but tash inists that she IS leaving her old life beghinf. tash exits that diner (and irene can't believers that she's lost another person [think selina etc].... to a cult.

on the beach, beth approaches robbie ... and tries to console her son.

at the coimmune, jonah & the other girl are getting more worried anout tash ... but then she returns. tash says that things that jonah & the other girl said have inpsiured her that cut all ties etc with the past (robbie, irene etc). joanha are the girl are pleased ..... and when you think about it, it;s not that surprising, as Tash was brought up by ppl who live lives not that dissimilar from the believers)


Peter tells Leah that he's in love with her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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