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Return to the Bay

Guest Skykat

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Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Returning cast: Angel, Steven, Selina plus most of current cast (~cyclone episodes)

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Mild (VD) (SC) (L)

Is Story being proof read: Yes by Sevenuddings


Newly divorced Angel returns with Steven and Selina who are grieving the recent death of their son. Sally has shut down following Flynn's death and Ric is going off the rails with rebellious Belle. Kirsty and Kane are starting again after clearing his name but the past is never far away. Dan is with Leah and completely oblivious to her growing feelings for Peter. Graham is married to Amanda who is up to no good with Josh West and the Hunters are determined to bring them down. Tasha is falling deeper into the hands of the Believers but what's their real objective? Matilda is with Lucas but is Dylan a threat to them and her friendship with Cassie? Plus much, much more.

This is my first fan fic so I'll be interested to know what you all think. It includes most of the current Australian characters and a fair few old characters. It begins out of the Bay a month or so after the Cyclone in that time Flynn has passed away, naturally, (without using the morphine) from his cancer. All events since the cyclone are my own perceptions.

This might be a bit slow at first especially for those of you who don't recognise the characters but it returns to the Bay soon enough and should pick up pace from then. (Hopefully).



“So are you all packed then Stephen?” Angel Parrish took a sip of her coffee and smiled at the man in front of her.

“We’re getting there, did I tell you we got a sale on the house?” Stephen Matheson replied.

“No but Selina did when I phoned her yesterday, what time is she due back?” Angel asked.

“She shouldn’t be long, she only nipped the shops. I think we’ve definitely made the right decision to go back to the Bay, I’ve not seen Sel so animated in a long time,” Stephen replied.

“Me too, Dylan can’t wait and even Shane’s coming round to the idea now. How weird is it you being Dylan’s teacher all that time and us never realising until that Parents evening?” Angel mused.

“Yeah it was strange, I nearly died when I realised it was you! Funny because if parents evening had have been three weeks later we’d never have met, Sel and I would have been heading back to Summer Bay,” Stephen replied.

“I know and now I’m coming with you, I’m really excited you know Stephen, since my marriage to Simon broke down I’ve felt really dislodged and out of place in England. I guess I never really settled here and Dylan certainly didn’t he’s always hated it. When I met you I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and you provided the answers,” Angel told him, thinking how true it was. Her marriage to Simon Broardhurst, her English millionaire had been really good at first but his inability to have children and his dwindling relationship with Dylan had caused no end of problems. Things had come to a head two years ago when Angel had found he was cheating and thrown him out but by that point any love she had had for him had long died. When they had first left Australia Dylan had got on well with Simon but as he became a teenager Simon lost patience with him and by the time of the divorce Dylan had grown a strong hatred to his stepfather.

“I wouldn’t say we provided the answers exactly, all I did was tell you that Selina and I were moving back to Australia and you jumped at the chance to join us!” Stephen teased.

“What made you decide to go back?” Angel asked, curiously.

“Well we lost Tommy didn’t we?” Stephen said, referring to his two-year-old son who had been killed in a car accident he had barely survived, “and Sel was pregnant again so when she phoned Irene and started chatting to her she came off the phone and said she wished she was still in Australia. She told me that Irene said Sal’s husband Flynn’s cancer was taking a turn for the worst so I suggested to Selina that there was nothing really keeping us here so why didn’t we go back and she jumped at the chance,” Stephen explained.

“That’s what Dylan was like when I told him, he barely remembers Australia but he’s always wanted to go back. It was different for Shane, she’s settled here but she seems happy enough now the decision has been made,” Angel replied, “it’ll be weird though, thoughts of Summer Bay always make me remember Shane, my husband not my daughter,” Angel replied.

“I knew what you meant although you did complicate things by naming your daughter after your dead husband and her father,” Stephen teased.

“I guess but Shane had only been dead a few months when I gave birth and it was during the most terrible storm. I remember the way was blocked and Alex and Shannon were panicking but then a motorbike led us through the wilderness to the road and then disappeared. You can say what you like but I swear that was Shane’s way of making sure me and his baby were safe, it seemed only right to call my baby after him.”

“Do you find it difficult with Dylan not being Shane’s real child?” Stephen asked.

“No because Dylan loved Shane, what he remembers of him and he thinks of Shane as being his Dad,” Angel explained, “look here’s Selina.”

“Hi guys, sorry I took so long, the queue was horrendous!” Selina Matheson explained, seating herself on the couch beside her husband. “Hi Angel how are you?”

“Fine thanks, we’ve just been reminiscing,” Angel replied.

“I’ve been doing that a lot lately, ever since Irene mentioned coming back. So many of my memories of you are there Stephen, us getting together while you were still my teacher,” Selina reminded him smiling.

“I know, appalling isn’t it? Still we were meant to be, I left the Bay when we split up but when I came back she was with that Jesse,” Stephen explained to Angel.

“I don’t think I ever met him,” Angel replied.

“Yeah I think he first arrived just after you’d gone and you won’t get to meet him now, he was put in Prison for drunk driving. He killed Chloe, I find that really hard to take,” Selina replied, “anyway I dumped Jesse for you.”

“But then you dumped me after Saul kidnapped you on our wedding Day and it wasn’t until we met up again that we got together,” Stephen added.

“And split up again, you married that what’s her name but we finally sorted

things out a few years ago and we’re happy now aren’t we?” Selina asked.

“Even happier when we’re back in Summer Bay, I still can’t believe it’s happening,” Stephen enthused and neither Angel nor Selina could disagree with him.

Summer Bay, Australia.

“Sally you have to eat, you’re going to waste away into nothing if you don’t,” Pippa urged as the soup she put down on the table was pushed away.

“Come on Sal, we’re all really worried about you,” Ric added his comments to Pippa’s but Sally said nothing, she merely glared at Ric with a look of cold hatred, Ric backed away. Pippa touched his shoulder gently.

“Why don’t you and Cassie take Baby Pippa for a walk,” she suggested softly. Ric looked across at where Cassie was watching proceedings and she shrugged her shoulders in response.

“Sorry can’t do, there’s somewhere else I have to be.” Ric shot out the house and Pippa looked to Cassie.

“I’ll take her for a walk,” she replied with a brief smile but her eyes held a look of sadness and Pippa nodded in sympathy as Cassie wheeled Baby Pippa’s pushchair out. Pippa looked again at Sally, it had been just over a week since Flynn had died, at home with all his family around him. In the run up to the funeral Sally had been like a human dynamo, throwing herself into everything but since the funeral she had shut down. It was as if the reality of losing Flynn had really hit her and she just did not know how to cope, she barely slept, never ate and had spoken hardly two words to anyone even though everyone had tried there best to get through to her. The only time Sally ever showed any emotion was towards Ric who was permanently on the receiving end of a look that could only be described, as hatred and nobody really knew why. Relations between Ric and Cassie were at an all time low due to his continuing friendship with Belle and even with Pippa living there and trying to calm things down, the atmosphere was still so tense and Pippa had no idea how to make it better.

Author’s notes:

1. I’m not certain of my dates and these are UK dates so even if they’re right (which I

doubt) they might be very far out for those of you in Australia.

2. I think Selina came to the bay about 1994, Stephen returned around 1995 and

Angel left around 1996. I can’t actually recall any scenes the three had together but

I’m assuming that being in the bay for about a year at the same time that they knew

each other even if they weren’t friends.

3. Also I have no idea how old Dylan was when he left the bay but I’m guessing he

was about five so if he and Angel left in 1996 that means she’s been out the bay for

ten years so I’m basing Dylan’s character at 16 years old and baby Shane is now

eleven. Hope that’s acceptable to everyone, if not grant me artistic license!

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Please let me know what you think and whether I should continue with this or not. Thanks.xx


“She hates me,” Ric explained.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” Belle consoled, leaning forward to massage his shoulders, “you’re very tense Ric,” she added. They were in the Caravan furthest away from the house, the place where Ric had been hiding Belle since the incident two weeks ago when she had run into Flynn in the house and knocked him over.

“Wouldn’t you be? You should see the look Sal gives me, she really hates me,” he repeated.

“Maybe it’s my fault, she told you not to bring me into the house and then I hurt Flynn like that, maybe she blames me for him dying,” Belle suggested.

“Nah she was fine about that once she calmed down and realised that Flynn was okay. I just hope that Pippa manages to bring her round or I might move back in with Granddad. I like Pippa though, she’s like an older version of Sal, the version of the Sal that didn’t hate me,” Ric added.

“I’m sure you’re over-reacting, I doubt she really hates you, she’ll just be confused,” Belle suggested, “how’s your little girlfriend?”

“I told you Cass isn’t my girlfriend, it’s over between us,” Ric replied.

“If you say so. Come on let’s get out of this dump,” Belle urged.

“Where should we go, I don’t really feel like seeing anyone,” Ric replied.

“Well you don’t have to, we’ll go down the wharf, it’ll be quiet there,” she suggested.

“And do what?” Ric demanded, “I don’t really feel like doing anything.”

“Such a pessimist, come on. I have a plan, something that will get your adrenaline running again, might cheer you up.”

“Like what?” Ric demanded.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out, come on.” Belle took his hand and Ric allowed himself to be dragged from the caravan.

“Yoo hoo, Cassie, how’s young Sally today?” Colleen was like a trumpet call heralding her arrival at the Diner and Cassie felt like all eyes were on her.

“Still the same Colleen,” Cassie replied, she wheeled Pippa’s pushchair further into the Diner and took a seat at the booth where Matilda and Lucas were looking particularly loved up. Matilda smiled and began to speak but Colleen beat her to it. “And little Pippa, poor child, losing her Daddy like that, because baby’s know what’s happening you know, they can sense these things. I remember when my Lancie…”

“For gawd’s sake woman will yer let the poor kid sit down in peace and take them orders to table fourteen?” Irene’s intervention was rewarded with a smile from Cassie as Colleen ambled away huffing and muttering to herself. “What can I get yer darl?” Irene asked.

“Just a strawberry milkshake please,” Cassie replied, “and thanks for Colleen, you know.”

“Too right I know, the woman’s a flamin’ nuisance,” Irene replied, “I meant to ask you anyway Darl, do you know if Sal’s had a letter from Stephen recently?”

“Stephen? Is that her foster brother in England, there was a phone call last night saying that they’ll be arriving in just over a week and a half, Thursday I think,” Cassie replied.

“Righto darl, I’m sure Selina will phone me and tell me herself, her and Stephen are moving in with me. Does anyone know what young Angel’s doing about a place to stay? I’d put her up but with Barry, Kim and now Stephen and Selina, I just won’t have the room,” Irene explained.

“It’s sorted woman, apparently Angel’s been onto an estate agent over here and bought herself none other than Don Fisher’s old house,” Alf replied.

“Don’s house? Well I guess that makes sense, she did live there with him for a while, I remember the rows she and Shane had before they got together,” Irene smiled.

“Yeah Don used to do his nut with them but Sheila’s don’t come much better than Angel and I wouldn’t be surprised if Don’s straight down here to see her, he was really fond of Angel,” Alf explained.

“Mr Stewart, who are Selina, Stephen and Angel?” Matilda asked.

“Well Stephen Matheson was Sally’s foster brother and he married young Selina Cook who lived at Irene’s for a good few years. Angel Parrish was a lovely young Sheila who used to live with Don Fisher, right young hoolie she was when she first arrived but she came good,” Alf explained, telling the three teens pretty much what they already knew. “Angel Parrish hey, fancy that,” he walked away muttering to himself and leaving Cassie, Matilda and Lucas shaking their heads in amusement. Unnoticed, the solitary figure from the booth behind them, stood up and exited the Diner, in a hurry to pass on the information they had just heard.

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Not sure what was with the quotations. it's the same on a few fanfics so presume it must just be a fault with the system after it being down. Seems to be okay now though. Thanks for your comments, will have the next chapter up soon.xx


“Belle what are we doing down here?” Ric demanded.

“Look there.” She pointed to where the Blaxland was anchored.

“It’s Granddad’s boat, what about it?” Ric replied.

“That’s what we’re going to do, come on.” Taking his hand she pulled him towards the boat and out of curiosity Ric followed her. They stepped on board.

“Do you want to look around? We shouldn’t really be on here without Granddad’s say so you know,” Ric told her, nervously.

“We’re not doing any harm, just looking. Why don’t you go and see if there’s any food inside, they key’s on the rim above the door,” Belle suggested.

“How do you know that?” Ric demanded.

“I watch,” she replied. Shaking his head Ric did as she suggested and the minute he had left, Belle put her effort into lifting the anchor. Once she had it on board she secured a box against the door that Ric had gone through and started the Engine. Hearing it roar to life Ric headed back on deck but found the door blocked.

“Belle! What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?” Ric called through the door. After a few minutes when they were far enough away from the wharf, Belle pulled the box from blocking the door and let Ric out.

“Welcome to your surprise,” she told him.

“You’re mad, granddad’s going to kill me!” Ric replied.

“Yeah but it’s got the adrenaline running hasn’t it? Come on, don’t be such a dag, we probably won’t even be missed, thought you had more guts than this,” Belle teased, Ric squared his shoulders.

“I do it’s just…” but he never managed to finish what he had to say as Belle planted a quick kiss on his lips. “What was that for?” he demanded.

“To cheer you up,” Belle replied and she turned her attention back to the boat leaving Ric bewildered.

“We could always use a family name?” Kane Phillips suggested as he strolled hand in hand along the wharf with his wife Kirsty.

“A family name, like what? Gus or Scott don’t appeal to me somehow,” Kirsty replied.

“No I meant like maybe Jade or Laura,” Kane suggested.

“Babe I told you before there’s no point discussing girls names because this baby’s going to be a boy,” Kirsty told him.

“And I told you it’s going to be a girl,” Kane replied, pushing Kirsty gently and playfully.

“We could always call him Rhys after my Dad?” Kirsty suggested.

“I’m being serious babe,” Kane replied.

“So am I, he is my Dad after all,” Kirsty explained.

“I know but, maybe we should stay away from family names,” Kane said hurriedly, Kirsty smiled.

“What about calling him Peter, after all it was thanks to Peter that our baby will get to grow up in the Bay,” Kirsty suggested.

“Well it was more Sally’s doing, it was Sally who was taken hostage by that Zoe/Eve woman and it was Sally who heard her confess that she paid Gus to frame me,” Kane replied.

“But it was Peter who did the detective work and tracked Gus down,” Kirsty argued.

“Yeah but..” Kane looked at his wife and saw she was smiling.

“You know Kirst I love you so much, I couldn’t have handled it if I’d have gone to prison and I’m real glad we were able to come back to the Bay. No way would I have wanted to still be on the run now,” Kane admitted.

“On the run would have been better than Prison though babe,” Kirsty replied, rubbing her stomach.

“Yeah it would, I’m glad it doesn’t have to be like that though. It’s much better like this with our own little flat and Irene and Beth nearby.” Kane kissed her cheek gently, Kirsty nodded, her eyes on the wharf.

“Erm babe, isn’t that the Blaxland?” Kirsty asked, pointing at the wharf where the boat was pulling away.

“Oh no! I swear to God I put the anchor down!” Kane took off at a run but after a few seconds he realised Kirsty was not following, he looked back and saw her doubled over in pain. “Kirst!” He ran back to her.

“I’m okay, just cramps, go after the boat,” Kirsty insisted as another spasm took hold.

“That’s not a cramp Kirst it was a contraction, forget the boat you’re far more important. Can you walk?” he asked, Kirsty nodded. “Come on then, lets try and make it back to the Diner and get some help, we can tell Alf about the boat then as well.” His arm around his wife, Kane helped Kirsty, slowly along the path towards the Diner.

“Tasha child, did you enjoy your walk with Jonah?” Mamma Rose asked, as the two young people re-entered the commune.

“Yeah it was good thanks,” Tasha replied, “I might go for a wash though if you don’t mind.”

”Go ahead,” Jonah told her with a smile and Tash wandered off.

“So everything is working well then, she does not suspect?” Mamma Rose asked, when they were alone.

“Not a thing. How is the other phase of the plan going?” Jonah asked.

“Very well, Sully was in here earlier apparently our aim has been achieved, she’s on her way back to the bay,” Mamma Rose explained.

“Really, that’s great news, when will she be here?” Jonah asked.

“Just over a week.”

“That’s brilliant, we won’t need Tasha anymore then will we?”

“Of course we will, your job is to keep Tasha on side. We still need her; it’s through Tasha that we’ll reel her in and through Tasha that we’ll achieve our aim. Tasha is still essential to the plan,” Mamma Rose replied, “you’re not wavering are you Jonah?”

“Of course not Mamma, I sorted Rebecca didn't I, and that Martha?” Jonah reminded.

“Yes child you did and your work will be rewarded, when we get our result,” Mamma Rose replied and she smiled at Jonah who was feeling reassured and smiled back.

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It was a very breathless Kane who burst into the Diner, instantly attracting everybody’s attention.

“You alright darl?” Irene asked.

“No, Kirsty, outside, in labour!” Kane managed to say.

“Gawd save us. Alf, will yer cover me for half an hour while I run Kane and Kirsty the hospital?” Irene asked.

“No problem,” Alf replied as Irene threw her apron at him and followed Kane outside to where Kirsty was seated, breathing heavily and obviously in pain, on the chairs outside the Diner.

“Come on girly lets get you to the hospital,” Irene replied, taking Kirsty’s arm and helping her to her feet. Kane took his wife’s other side and between them they managed to settle Kirsty on the car’s back seat. Kane sat in the front, took his wife’s hand and squeezed it, smiling gently at her.

“Did you tell them about the Blaxland babe?” Kirsty asked. Kane’s face fell.

“No I forgot, I was worrying about you babe,” Kane replied, guiltily.

“What about the Blaxland?” Irene demanded.

“It was sailing away from the Wharf, I was on my way after it when Kirst’s pains started, I meant to tell Mr Stewart,” he amended.

“How on Earth does a boat just sail away?” Irene demanded.

“I don’t know, I guess I didn’t anchor it right,” Kane replied.

“That’s a lie Kane and you know it, you said you’d done it and you know your job well enough. You’d never make a mistake like that and besides I saw people moving on board,” Kirsty replied.


“Yes really,” Kirsty confirmed.

“Well yer better get Alf on the phone while he can still do something about it, if his boat’s gone he’ll be livid!” Irene suggested, handing Kane her mobile and ashen faced he dialled the Diner’s number.

“Leah we need to talk,” Peter Baker grabbed hold of her arm from the booth where he sat in the Diner.

“I’m busy Peter,” she snapped icily.

“Even if you weren’t you wouldn’t speak to be anyway, you’ve been avoiding me Leah,” Peter told her.

“I haven’t I’m just…”

“Busy,” Peter confirmed.

“For God’s sake Leah we live in the same house, you can’t keep running out of the room when I walk in,” Peter protested.

“I was thinking about that, I think you should move out while things are, you know,” Leah replied.

“So you’ll admit there’s something between us?” Peter demanded.

“No that’s not what I meant, Peter will you let go of my arm,” she hissed, angrily.

“You can’t avoid this Leah, you kissed me too remember,” Peter reminded her.

“Hey guys, how’s things going?” Dan Baker interrupted their conversation and Leah took her chance to escape. Dan’s face fell.

“Guess she still doesn’t want to talk to me then?” he asked of his brother, Peter was still watching Leah, she looked flustered and angry as she continued her work. “Pete are you listening?” Dan asked.

“Sorry mate I was miles away,” Peter replied, focusing his attention back on Dan and away from Leah who was calling Alf over to the phone.

“I was talking about Leah, has she said anything to you?” Dan asked, Peter avoided his brother’s eyes. Part of him knew he was wrong betraying Dan again, especially after what had happened with Amanda but his feelings ran so strong, they were clouding everything else. Leah was all he thought about and in the back of his mind he saw her as fair game, after all Dan had first made a move on her when he was in a coma and unable to fight for her.

“Pete, has Leah said anything?” Dan tried once more to bring his brother back to the present but to Peter’s relief he was saved from answering by Alf Stewart calling his name from the other side of the Diner.

“What’s up Alf?” Peter was glad of the excuse to get away from Dan and was on his feet in an instant.

“Apparently before Kirsty went into labour she and young Kane saw the Blaxland sailing away at a fair pace and Kane swears blind he tied it properly so it looks like it’s been stolen!” Alf explained.

“What’s been stolen Granddad?” Martha McKenzie emerged from the Diner flat, hand in hand with boyfriend Jack Holden.

“The Blaxland. They won’t get far though,” Alf added.

“And why’s that?” Peter demanded.

“Because there’s a minor hole in the hull, it was meant to be going into dry dock for repairs in an hour or so. It’s fine at the moment, we’ve sealed it up but if they try and take it out to open seas it’ll start letting water in,” Alf explained.

“Well there’s no time to lose then. Jack can you phone the lifeguard and marine rescue and ask them to meet us at the Wharf? You’d best come with me Alf.” Peter took charge of the situation and raced out of the Diner with Alf and Martha in tow leaving Dan frustrated that he had got no answers and Leah more confused than ever.

“Same again please,” Josh West placed his empty glassed on the Bar in Noah’s and was rewarded with a scowl from Beth. I do so love service with a smile,” he added, his voice heavily laden with sarcasm.

“Well you’re not welcome round here, I happen to believe Morag that you and Amanda are in it up to your necks,” Beth replied.

“Shame your father doesn’t think so,” Josh replied smoothly. Beth slammed his drinks down on the Bar.

“Eight fifty,” she snapped.

“Keep the change,” Josh replied handing Beth a ten dollar note.

“You can keep your money,” Beth spat, handing it back.

“Temper, temper, oh well your loss.” Josh smiled the same smug, self-satisfied smile he always wore and picking up his drinks he returned to his business meeting leaving Beth fuming. There was something about the guy that Beth did not like. Morag was convinced that Josh was working with Amanda on something and her hunches were usually correct but what they were up to, even Morag seemed unable to find out. Beth just hoped it would not end up hurting her father, sure he was a fool but he was still her father and she did not want him hurt. Beth sighed as she cleared the glasses away from the bar, it had been a difficult few months. Troubles with Graham aside, Scott had left the Bay with Hayley and Robbie was driving himself crazy trying to get Tasha away from the Believers. At least Matilda was happy with Lucas, Tony was proving to be a real support and now with Kit back, surely things could only get better. Kit had a habit of turning up out of the blue and Beth was glad to have her back, alcohol free, although she still maintained that her drink had been spiked and she was adamant that Amanda was behind it. On current form Beth could not argue that the theory was plausible, even probable and the very thought of the woman made her simmer with anger. Behind her Josh’s false laugh could be heard and with it Beth’s anger deepened.

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