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Robbie & Kim

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Right, well. As some of you may have noticed, I'm a bit of a Robbie/Kim fan. I couldn't really be stuffed defending that slightly controversial choice right now, so Ill just say what I always say, that I'm sincere and mean no harm to anyone. Okay, good.

Now then.

I figured out how to scam my computer into letting me use that cool graphics program that I really don't have enough memory for! YAY!!! :D

Here are the results (I couldn't decide which I liked better so I thought I'd post them both):




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Hehehe, yay :D

Don't worry, I'm sure aaaall the old stuff will find it's way here eventually. Those pics have a tendancy to get posted over and over and over, where ever I go :P

So which one of these do you like better? I reckon the pastelly one is nice and gentle-like, but I think I have some sort of addiction to that bright, kind of over-exposed look in the second one. It doesn't really matter just yet, but in a month or so I may have to choose one for a sig! :o

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hehe there great! I am going to be of NO help here and say I like them both..I like kim in the darker one but rob is a bit orange...I also like the text in the darkerone...

but then I like the softer one also cos its really nice...I think im leaing towardss the darker one the border looks like uve gotten a paint brush and painted with ink..i like it its effective...my only problem with the darker one is that the softer one looks more blended and the pics fit but in the darker one rob sticks aout a tad! lol

so yeah im totally no help right:P

u should know that from me by noW!Lol

luv sam

(and my computer is sooo slow because I have so many sigs and stuff that I've made save on here!LOl)

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