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Mon 23 Jan 06 - "Innocuous Invitation ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Innocuous Invitation ..... To Adultery"

Opening Credits

The Amanda/Colleen shot from last year is back, whilst, in an all new pic, PETER and Dan are having a tug of war !!!!

Episode Synopsis

Leah is in the diner and colleen is going on about how unfortunate the split with Dan is etc. all the while, Leah is distracted by Dan being at the diner.

peter enters, and says hello to Leah, before he goes over and talks to Dan. Peter is no doubt quite pleased (although he doesn't show it) when Dan suggests that peter should stay at Leah's place whilst he's in the bay.

in the kitchen, colleen tells Leah that "perhaps" she should head for home ... as the diner isn't that busy etc at the moment.Leah approaches the table where Leah & peter .... and Dan suggests to Leah about his suggestion that peter can stay at Leah's house, which Leah agrees to.

when Leah & peter are walking home together, peter is keen to talk about the MOMENT they had at the end of the previous ep. Leah insets that it was ONLY a moment and that i meant nothing.

when they arrived at Leah's place, Leah was doing all she could to avoid to really talking to peter ... ie she was WAY just treating him as, say, a friend of Dan's.

Outside the surf club, Amanda tells josh that she wants to at least call an ambulance for morag. they see Alf approach, and josh is keen for them to scamper. Josh asks Amanda wheat she said to graham, before she left, and she tells josh that she said that she was go out for a bottle of wine. josh says for her to stick with that story.

when Alf enters the surf club, he is shocked to see morag ON the floor. he phones the diner, where Martha is shocked by what's happened.

Martha & jack arrive at the surf club as the ambulance officers are out to take morag to the hospital. Alf comments that he'd gone to surf club to surf club to check out reports of ppl hanging around there late of night. Alf also speculates that perhaps morag slipped on the wet surf club floor ... as he spilled something there earlier.

after morag is admitted to the hospital, sally & Cassie arrive as well ... too see what ' going on. the male doctor that Flynn "passed the baton onto " late last year checked the brain scan of morag's and told Alf etc that there appears to be no permanent damage. when Alf & co ask to see morag, Doctor says that only a few of them scan go in at the same times. when Alf & Martha enter, the semi conscious morag is saying "Amanda"

speaking of whom. Amanda enters her flat, and tells graham this big, long winded sob story (if you're a fan of Gilmore Girls, think of the speeches of the like of Lorelei, Rory & Paris) about how it took forever to get THAT bottle of wine.

back at the hop ital, Alf tells mo rag that she was muttering amanda's;s name ... this causes morag to have a flashback of her walking into amanda's;' flat and seeing josh showing Amanda that project 56 info. morag asks to speak to Amanda.

Jack (in uniform) goes to Amanda's' place ... and asks her to come to the hospital to speak to morag. naturally, Amanda is "shocked" to hear that morag is in hospital. when am,anda arrives there, morag says that she remembers EVERYTHING about what happened, and she's prepared to do a deal with Amanda. she won't mention to the police about Amanda;s involvement with project 56 (incl. the attack which put Amanda in hospital) IF Amanda tell morag EVERYTHING about josh and his underhanded schemes/. Amanda rejects the offer .... and when she leaves the hospital, she contacts Josh, who suggests that she'll have to ask Graham to provide an alibi for her. Amanda isn't so sure that he will.

at the hospital, morag tells jack,. Alf etc her accusations about what happened ... whilst the simpering, panicked Amanda tells graham that she'll need an alibi etc.

when jack arrived the Amanda's flat, she says that she was at home all night ...... and when asked, graham backs her claim.

jack returns to the hopital, where he tells morag that both Amanda & Josh (council meeting) have alibi's ...... morag can't beleive that even Alf seems to believe josh & Amanda;s version of events.

near the beach, lat at night, josh & manda meet near the beach. Amanda is still surprised that graham covered for her .... but josh sooooooooooo isn't. as they talks the duo get steadily closer together .......... before they KISS !!!!!!! (end of ep)


It looks like Robbie has found, and brought to the bay, the girl who made accusations against Mumma Lilley in North Queensland

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