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Wed 18 Jan 06-"OK, Maybe Today ISN'T A Good ... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "OK, Maybe Today ISN'T A Good Day To Die !!!"

After the cyclone winds subsided (and I must admit that I thought that it may have been a case of them being in the eye of the cyclone - like the one which hit the bay in 1997), Robbie & the believers emerge from their tents. The believers are saying that because they prayed etc that they were spared any damage, but Robbie counteracted this saying that the camp was spared because of its geography ... in a valley between 2 rather large hills etc. the likes of Jonah were way dismissive of Robbie point of view.

Soon after, Robbie was scampering about the camp ..... looking for evidence against the believers when he overheard a conversation (about Tash) which confirmed his suspicions. Robbie then tried to go into Mumma Rose’s tent ... but Jonah & the others stopped him. Robbie then had a major "discussion" with Jonah & Tash about the believers ...... after which, Jonah "suggested" that Robbie should leave ...... as Robbie was going, he stood beside a river that was surging with flood water ...... then, someone pushed him into the swollen river. Robbie was swept down stream..... and held onto a tree branch (hang over the river) for dear life (end of ep)

Like the rest of the Bay, Leah bunkered down in her house as the cyclone raged. When the winds subside, Dan enters the house .... chairs are strewn about in the kitchen and there's leaves etc all over the floor. Dan is pleased to see that Leah is OK, but she suggests that he shouldn’t be here as they split etc.

A little later, Leah hears knock at door ..... thinks it's Dan ..... and even says that she hopes it isn't (like what’s the point if she's already send him packing) ... but it's Dudley (the bookie that Dan gambled with). Leah is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay frightened, and Dudley doesn’t believe her that she & Dan ha separated. Things aren't helped when Dan tries to ring Leah .. she doesn't answer but Dudley thinks it’s just a matter of time before Dan arrives.

As time goes on, Dudley is getting increasingly frustrated about Dan not ariving.... and also because he (Dudley) is waaaaaaaay in pain. Dudley (still with handcuffs on) tells Leah that he escaped form the police when the patrol car that he was in crashed in the cyclone. Dudley is in a world of pain ... and its not helping that Leah is trying to convince him to leave (or to at least let her leave so she can pick up kids from childcare). Indeed, Dudley temporarily achieves the seemingly impossible .... Leah stops talking for a time when he yells at her to BE QUIET. When Dudley is in the kitchen .... looking for painkillers slightly stronger than children's aspirin when Leah grabs a small-ish, sharp looking object .... and hides it under her clothes.

Alf & Dan (who is also at the van park) go to where Flynn landed. They see that he is knocked around a bit but NOT dead. Dan & Alf helped Flynn with his "rake" plan ...... but Flynn cops another electric shock (again not deadly) ...... but at least this time Cassie & ric have been able to get free of the van.

Everyone goes inside, and Alf is keen to get sally & flying etc tho hospital, but when the storm subsides, colleen tells everyone (after being on phone) that he roads to the hospital are flooded etc.

Soon after, Dan returns to the van park house (having just gone over to Leah’s place - see above). Colleen & the others are shocked to see that Dan has suitcases with him ..... indicating, of course, that leah/dan have struck MAJOR problem.

Little later, sally & Flynn are on the back patio. Sally is REALLY pleased that Flynn didn't take that morphine earlier ..... because of how he saved the lives of Sally, Cassie & Ric tonight. Flynn tells sally that he thought (before tonight) that he should take the morphine because he thought that he would be a burden on Sally & co. but the events on this night have convinced Flynn that he WANTS to live a long as he possibly can from now on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robbie’s life is in the balance ...... and Jonah is the one person who can save him .... but will Jonah (in this instance) be a saint or a sinner ???

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