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Tues 17 Jan 06 - "Today IS A Good Day To Die !!

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Today IS A Good Day To Die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 17 Jan 06 - Episode # 4102)

Rachel, with Irene & Hyde looking over her shoulder, is trying to revive Kimmy ..... and the generator, or electricity, hasn't kicked in yet. Rachel struggles to get Kimmy back from the brink ....... and she EVENTUALLY was able to get a pulse ........ so Kimmy isn't dead (pity).

When that crisis was over, Rachel asked head nurse is there was anyone else (patients) that she could tend to. Nurse said that Kimmy was a great baptism of fire for the new Doc.

The Hunters, along with Tony, Jack & Martha prepared the hunter house for rhe cyclone ..... preparing a bunker for themselves inside (with mattresses) and taping up the windows etc. indeed, as they moved cupboards, one of the windows was smashed in by the increasingly fierce winds ......

Btw, all of this didn't stop Beth making the occasional badmouthing comment about Amanda.

When Robbie heard bout intensity of cyclone, he was worry about Tash ...... so mid cyclone, he bolted from the house ..... and drove his car (in pouring rain etc) to the Farm where Jonah, Tash are the Believers had secured their tents as best they could before Johan & Tash got into one of the tents together (with no one else).

Soon after, Tash thought she heard voice outside ... Johan suggests that it was just the wind etc ..... but the voice called out again ....... Tash knew that it was Robbie so she peered out form tent ... and called Robbie inside ........ then, with the wind intensifying, some of the tent pegs begin to loosen from the grounds ....... Johan suggested that Tash & Robbie should help him keep tent from blowing over by laying down flat close to the part of the tent where the pegs are realty loose.

As Ric & Alf continue to search for Cassie, they return to the van park, where they see Colleen trying to make her way from mobile home to the main house ........ Alf starts to takes Colleen inside ..... whilst Ric, against Alf’s wishes, continued search for Cassie. When Alf got inside, Ric saw Cassie in one of the vans (through one of its window). Ric enter the van .... and was initially annoyed at himself (and cassie) for ONLY being in one of the vans.

Soon after, the cyclone bought down powerlines .... and the partly landed atop the cassie/Ric van ..... and worse still when debris causes the skylight to be damage. Ric try to stem flow of water inside by putting a pillow in the breach ..... cyclone winds then blow out the sky light ...... Ric & Cassie decided to make the move to the van park house ... but Ric got an electric shock (from combo of powerlines down & water on floor).

Inside house, Sally has flashback (about Cassie hiding previously). She tells Flynn etc that Cassie is probably in van 28. Sally rush outside (as you do). Alf & Flynn try to stop her .... but fail ..... whilst colleen is trying to phone well anyone (I thought you shouldn't use phone in storms). Btw, power IS sporadically back on ...... as you might have gathered.

Anyway, Alf & Flynn chased sally outside ...... they saw the powerlines downed ..... and Ric & Cassie were trying to gesture (in bad light and howling winds ...... and pouring rain) for sally NOT to touch the van. Sally off course DID grab the door .... and got majorly shocked .... although DrSuperFlynn revive her. Flynn then began to formulate how to get casei & Ric out of the electrified van ... Alf was WAAAAAAAAAAY against the plan, but Flynn got a rake and covered his hands/forearms with plastic (looked like big garbage bags). he approached the live power lines that were touching the van that Cassie was in .... with Alf & Co. protesting all the way ....... but Flynn KNOWINGLY went ahead with his plan .....he was instantly thrown to the ground ... as soon as rake touch power lines (note - I got feeling Flynn did this to end his life in a way that Sally & Co couldn't debate ... unlike with the morphine)


As the cyclone continues to reek havoc (Robbie in the flood waters etc), Leah has other concerns - Dan's bookie has taken her hostage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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