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Robbie and Martha

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What would happen if Robbie and Martha had feelings for each other?

In this story Jack and Martha are in a on off relationship and with Robbie and Tasha, after Tasha figured out the truth about the believers she begged Robbie for forgiveness but he was sick of her treating him like crap so there just good friends. All four of them are good friends and always hang out together.

Robbie, Tasha, Martha and Jack are at the diner getting lunch when they all decided to go to the beach to eat there lunch. When Jack and Robbie go off to go and get ice creams Martha and Tasha got talking about relationships. “So how are things going with you and Jack?†Tasha asked Martha “Well I don’t know, he stayed at my place last night by it never seems to be anything serious, just a bit of fun†Martha said to Tasha smiling. “What about you and Robbie? Any chance on you 2 getting back together?†Martha asked. “Well I would like to but he still hasn’t forgiven me for the whole cult thing, I did fall under there trap and I didn’t believe him and I did kiss Jonah. I wouldn’t forgive me either.†Tasha said “Just give it sometime he will forgive you in time, just don’t do anything wrong till then†Martha said. Jack and Robbie came back with ice creams ready for some fun in the sun.

They all went for drinks later in the night at the surf club, Robbie said he would help Martha clean up. “So how are things with you and Tasha†Martha asked Robbie. “Normal, why do you ask that?†Robbie said. “Well I was talking to Tasha today and she really wants to get back together with you†Martha said. “Yeah well I don’t think that’s a good idea†Robbie said “As soon as I get her back she will just break my heart again I’m sick of her treating me like crap, if she really wants to be with me she will make an effortâ€. “That’s a bit mean don’t you think?†Martha asked “oh well its exactly how she treated me so she can have a go at itâ€. Robbie said.

Its been a couple hours and Robbie and Martha finally are ready to go home, they have had a few drinks at the very moment Martha accidentally drops a drink on the ground Robbie goes to get a cloth and somehow there hands touch each other’s Robbie looked up at Martha, they stared at each other for at least 20 seconds and Martha goes in and gives Robbie a bit kiss on the lips. Robbie pushed away and said “We can’t do this†“Why not, your not with anyone and me and Jack are not together, really.†Martha said. Robbie put down the cloth in his hand and moved closer to Martha and gave her a passionate kiss.

Next time: Will anything go further with Robbie and Martha?

And will they get caught?

This is my very 1st fan fic so please be nice.

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Robbie and Martha were on a couch kissing passionately when Robbie finally breaks away and asks Martha “Why are you doing this? You have never liked me before now why?†Martha then said “I had always thought you were a bit of a hottie but you were with Tasha so I thought I can’t do anything, but now you don’t want Tasha I thought why not†“What will Tasha and Jack say when they find out?†Robbie asked. Martha said “Well we will just cross the bridge when we come to it, Martha moved forward to Robbie wanting another kiss, but she was disappointed when he said “We can’t do this†“Why not Robbie†Martha asked ‘We just can’t ok, I’m sorry†Robbie said as he began to run out of Noah’s but he stopped when Martha yelled “you do like me I know†Robbie stopped and looked straight at Martha. “No I don’t†Robbie said. “Yes you do stop kidding around and just face the truth†Martha said. Robbie then left leaving Martha alone in the dark.

The next day when Jack, Martha, Robbie and Tasha meet up Robbie and Martha could not look at each other in the eyes, Jack and Tasha could tell something was up but they didn’t say anything. During the whole day Martha was being extra friendly with Jack, Robbie could tell he was trying to make him jealous so Robbie did the same thing to her, he took Tasha to there old favourate place on the beach and said to her, “I’m so sorry Tasha I have been such an idiot I love you and there is nothing in the world I want more than to hold you in my arms and kiss you like we used toâ€. Tasha looked shocked but was happy Robbie had actually forgiven her and she said “I’m so sorry Robbie for the whole cult thing and I love you so much†Tasha went over to Robbie and gave him a nice big passionate kiss. It was long and hard and was one of the best kisses they had ever had or so Tasha thought little did she know that Robbie wasn’t being completely honest with her.

Later on the beach Tasha and Robbie walked up to Jack and Martha who were lying in the sand holding eachother and Martha got the biggest shock when she saw them two holding hands. Martha looked straight at Robbie and she knew when he was doing. After Robbie and Jack left Martha had a few questions for Tasha. “So you and Robbie, are you back together for good?†Martha said. “Well I hope so, I love him.†Tasha said. Martha looked down at the ground she was thinking should I tell Tasha or not? Next thing Robbie walked into the room Tasha said “I gotta go to the ladies room, I will be back soon ok?†Leaving Robbie and Martha together in the bar by themselves Martha said “Why are you doing this?â€. “What so you can try and make me jealous with Jack but I cant do the same with Tasha†Robbie said. “What so your just going out with her to make me jealous†Martha said. ‘Yes isn’t it obvious ever since last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you.†Robbie said. Martha moved over to Robbie about to give him a kiss when Tasha walked into the room. “Ok lets go Robbie†Tasha said. Martha looked straight at Robbie with a depressed look on her face.

During the night all Martha could think about was Robbie, and on the other side of town Martha is all Robbie could think about too. Tasha got into bed and she knew something was wrong with Robbie she asked him if something was wrong but he said nothing, she gave him a kiss and a cuddle and went to sleep.

Next Time: Will Robbie follow his heart or will he stay with Tasha

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Robbie woke up in the middle of the night when he heard his phone ringing “Hello†Robbie said in a crokey voice “Hey its me Martha†Martha said. “What do you want Martha†Robbie said. “I was wondering if we could meet up†Martha said. “It’s the middle of the night†Robbie said. “Please we need to talk†Martha said in an anxious voice. “Ok†Robbie said. “Oh good meet me outside the diner in 15 minutes†Martha said. “Ok see you there†Robbie said hanging up the phone.

Robbie walked up to the Diner where he meet Martha who greeted him with a hug. ‘So what do you want to talk about†Robbie asked Martha. “I have just gotta get a few things off my chest, I like you and I know you like me†Martha said. “I like you as a friend that’s all†Robbie said. “No you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t have kissed me the other night†Martha said. “Well your with Jack now and I’m with Tasha I can’t break her heart, again†Robbie said. “Well they don’t have to find out for now†Martha said with a grin on her face. “I’m not going to cheat on her†Robbie said. “you don’t even care about her anymore, you told me yourself†Martha said. “Ok that’s true but I don’t want to cheat on her Its wrong†Robbie said. “Well its only cheating if they find out†Martha said. ‘I guess†Robbie said. Martha and Robbie got a cup of coffee in the diner and began to talk some more. Robbie phone rang it was Tasha. “Hey†Robbie said. “Where are you†Tasha asked. “I was just going for a walk I will be back soon ok, bye†Robbie said and he hung up on Tasha. “I gotta go†Robbie said to Martha. “But we still need to talk†Martha said. “I’m sorry I just can’t ok†Robbie said as he began to leave. Martha rushed over to Robbie and planted a kiss on Robbie. But Robbie didn’t pull away. It was a long and hard kiss going on for ages, just at that moment someone walked down the stairs neither Robbie nor Martha heard it. “What in blue blazers are you doing Martha†Alf said. Robbie and Martha broke away when they heard Alf. They both just stared at each other and then at Alf who had a disgusted look on his face.

Next Time: What will Alf do?

And will Tasha and Jack find out about the kiss?

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