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Summerbay Reunion From 2003 - Now

Guest Penie

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soz that i couldnt go back any further back when Sally was at school but i only started watching 1 episode a week when i was 12. i would have loved to go right back but i dont know any of the characters. sorry if my english and spelling is bad it would explain my E in GCSE. Its set when Flynn is well and Lucas is kinda new.

"Hurry up we have only two days to go and people arriving here tonight!" said Sally as she was walking under a very wet banner.

"alright, alright everything A-okay" said Robbie as he, Tasha were splashing the paint everywhere. "Allthough it would be better if Kim, Jack, Martha, came to help" said Tasha.

"I'll have a word but no promises" Sally hearing a faint "yes" as she walking over to Matilda, Ric, Lucas and Cassie where Matilda was explaining who Max was to Ric, Cassie, Lucas.

"..... Then he went to boarding school but i cant wait to see him even though we didnt get on at the beginning" There conversation stopped and quickly they pretended to set the food and chairs.

"Matilda how is the food going is there anymore coming"

Matilda replied to Sally " Yes but when i go and get more Collene start going on about Max and the olden days"

"okay just make sure it gets done" Sally said with a small laugh.

At the caravan park Flynn and beth try to get the beds ready and its hard.

"I so excited to see Max, well all the Sutherlands i cant believe how long it been" Beth looks around "happy and Sad times though im that they are coming back"

Far away from the school a shiny black car parks outside irenes house......

Next time .... who does turn up at Irenes house, will there be room for everyone. will it be hard for one person to get about without being seen or looked at!!!!

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Hope you like it.....

Standind in shades the man outside opens the door and says "Home sweet Home" he leaves his baggage and finds his why to the gym. Then suddenly a big exicited scream "Nick" Hayley rushed up and gave Nick a hug. After all the hugging hayley showed introduced Nick to Kim the Babies father then Noah's bar which he had not seen and was quite impressed. Just then he hears Collene enter saying that this girl hasnt change a bit then she looks at Nick.

Collene says "look at you you havent change a bit just like Jade even though her circumstances have change"

"What Jade is here?"

"Yes she came to see Beth in the caravan park" collene said as Nick was running out.

Back at school Mr Hyde announces "we have not got much time some of the long ago pupils have come already"

"Lucus and Ric i want those chairs finished" and he shouts to a group of random boys "where your parents okay with the guests" all said "yes" in a bored tone.

"good and will you stop talking about boys no dought you will be able to tonight" he told Cassie and Matilda

"But we have done it" said Cassie

"Well then go and tidy the paints"

Back at the dinner Irene was outraged to find out Nick hadnt said hello but just then Leah dropped her food when she saw Alexi and Broady and gave then a hug.

"You can go for a break now as its not busy" irene said

"Thank you" as she rushed out the door

They were walking along the beach

"so how has it been?"

"Good hows you and dan?"

Leah ignore the question and started talking about something else.

Back at Beths house Jade was talking to Beth

"so how was the new family?"

"Different, i dont feel different with them"

"Well thats good"

"i saw that Tony before, youre eyes met anyhting there"

"no not yet" just the then Nick came rushing in "Jade, Jade"

she didnt no whether to speckl with him or not because she was still angry he left"

"i will leave you in peace" said Beth

"look Nick i dont want to talk not yet"

" but"

Jade left while Nick is the Kitchen and Beth was walking some thing moved in the bush then accidentally she walked into someone in a wheal chair

"seb getting anoyyed said "Watch it"

"Oh Sorry i didnt notice it was you"

"Its okay how are you"

"Im okay Grandad speaking with Alf

"Im sure he loves to be back"

"guess who i saw before Nick and Jade"

"really where well they were at mine just a secong ago but i dont think their conversation was long"

"oh well i might just catch up with them"

" have a good time"

" i will"

School had finished and every one went home Cassie, Ric, Lucas and Matilda went to the dinner where max was giving Collene a big hug. maltida, after max finished talking pulled Max over to give him a hug and showed him to Ric, Lucas, Cassie all greated nice and max whispered "Lucas". As he sat down matilda and co were asking him how boarding school went. then suddenly Jade comes in

Matilda and co what happened with Jade and the twin swap and was anxious at wat was going to happen.

Max gets up and hugs her

Jades shocked but happy the Max was they

"lets go for a walk"

Max says good bye to everyone

"he asks do you still think of me as a cousin"

"max sorrybut im confused with everything but i will always love you"

"i feel just as out of place as you do"

"well you shouldn't and youve got to speck with Beth"

"i will"

she gives max another hug and they carry on talking

Sally finally got home to find that Lucas and co where talking about people that have come back

So how did you meet

"max and jade" said lucas

"i think i saw seb and mr fisher" said Ric

then matildas mobile rings she says "thats my mum henry is back"

"yeah ive gotta go to" says Lucas



Robbie, Tasha, Scott, Matilda, Beth greet henry. "i have a surprise" henry said

He brought kit into the house they were so happy but does it last long find out next time

What happens

who the missterious figues in the bush, what will it be like for the reunion of hunter and the sutherlands.....

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