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Tam not jammin'

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Tam not jammin'

Sunday Herald Sun

15 January 2006

FORMER Home and Away star Tammin Sursok won't have the distraction of a music career when she sets up home in the US next month.

Music industry insiders say recording giant Sony/BMG is set to dump her.

Sursok took two years to produce her much-hyped debut album, Whatever Will Be, with the album providing the top-five hit Pointless Relationship.

Certainly no expense was spared in the making of the album. She zipped backwards and forwards to Stockholm to write and record it and plenty of cash was splashed on the videos.

Sursok's Sony/BMG representative could not be reached on Friday.

Music sources say she is being let go because the album did not perform to expectation.

Sursok, who won a best new talent Logie on Home and Away, has secured an LA-based acting agent and will set up home in the US next month.

She also picked up a new boyfriend, US actor Jarret Wright, on her most recent visit to the States.

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All she has is her looks. It is amazing how many boyfriend's she has had in the past few years! Does anyone know where Jarret Wright is from, like what show's or movies? Good luck to her though. She probably saw it coming though, hence moving to the States and getting into acting again.

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