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Neighbours should be axed

Guest vikkysmile

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hi, im new here so ive been reading through the posts and i want to reply to a post i read on page 2.

Neighbours is like more (aka watched more) because its on the bbc. Home and away is on a channel called Five which struggles to get 5% audience share in primetime. Home and away has become one of Five's most watched programmes pulling in 2million at just 6pm.

The majority of neighbours viewers are in the early afternoon, less people watch the repeated version at 5.35pm. There was an article about this when the tennis was on because the bbc wer worried about a lot of neighbours fans missing an important episode because the ennis was on in the day.

Give home and away credit for once, it manages 2 million viewers on britains smallest terrestrial channel. It used to get about 5 million when it was on itv!

I dont want neighbours to be axed i like to listen to its theme tune. lol.

people like it, its the only decent thing on at 1pm in the afternoon, and many like it, just as they do with home and away.

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Neighbours gets more viewers in the evening than it does in the afternoon, however it gets a more share of the viewers in the afternoon than it does in the evening. At one point, Neighbours combined viewing figures for the day was getting more than Eastenders! :lol:

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Neighbours is like a day to day soap about life in a street

Which brings about 900,000 viewers a night

Home and away is about little town around a beach.

Where home and away brings in more then 1 million in the ratings.

Everyone knows that neighbours is surving cause its huge in UK.

Also neighbours goes for around 20 minutes and will never be 30 minutes as its produced for TEN and they are a commercial network and have to screen around 3 - 4 minutes of advertisements in the each of the four breaks they have.

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Neighbours is way better than Home And Away. That's why it's on Channel 5! I mean Channel 5 has nakedness at like 7pm! It's the worst channel ever! That's why everyone takes the pi*s out of it there are like no good programmes on it.

I quite like Channel 5, it has some really good shows. It's probably the channel i watch most, unlike BBC1 on which i only watch Neighbours. (Although i do think it's been getting a bit dull lately. The storyline with the plane, the letter, the poison stuff, all done by H&A months ago)


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