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Building Bridges and Knocking Down Barriers

Guest AngelRose

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Sequel to A Brit in the Bay

Building Bridges and Knocking Down Barriers

As the sun began to warm the sky over the Summer Bay Caravan Park one clear, bright January Saturday morning, its residents began to stir with a good deal more gusto than was normal for a weekend.

It may have been barely 8 o’clock but the showers were going, the kettle was on & the delicious smell of home baking filled the air. Sally Fletcher-Saunders came hurrying down the stairs as fast as she dared whilst carrying her baby daughter Pippa in her arms to be greeted by the following scene.

Sally’s husband Flynn & her foster-mother Pippa were sharing a quick coffee at the kitchen table whilst Pippa kept a wary eye on whatever was baking.

Sally’s foster-brother Blake was on the phone finding out what time his fiancée Sophie & their 2 kids would be arriving, her foster-son Rick was rubbing his hair dry after a shower & her foster-daughter Cassie was, as usual now, helping one of their house guests, Clara, with her morning drink.

“Morning all! Ready for this?!†Sally asked.

It was Clara who responded: “Ready as I’m ever going to get!†she grinned nervously.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun. Where’s Tina?†Sally asked Clara.

It was Rick who answered however: “She took over from me in the bathroom.â€

“Oh, well in that case I’d better go form a not so orderly queue…†She turned to her baby daughter, “…& you my Sweetheart can go to your daddy for a bit.â€

Little Pippa was more than happy to do this for she was already reaching for her father. Flynn took her with a beaming smile: “Good morning ‘My Little Apple Pip’ & how are you today?†he cooed.

“A lot better than she was when she woke up; she’s still not used to me not feeding her.†Sally sighed. “If I’m not down 15 minutes after Tina send out a search party ok?â€

“Ok!†Cassie called up the stairs after her.

Meanwhile Flynn was enjoying some all too rare quality time with his daughter:

“So you’re hungry are you? Well how about if you sit in your high-chair & supervise Daddy making you some nice, messy, buttery soldiers & some juice, hmm?â€

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It's ok to muck about with character time-lines though, yeah? I don't know, have Noah still alive & Hayley having his baby, say?


It's your fanfiction. You're allowed to do whatever you like :)

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It's ok to muck about with character time-lines though, yeah? I don't know, have Noah still alive & Hayley having his baby, say?


It's your fanfiction. You're allowed to do whatever you like :)


I agree it's your story you can do what you like.I just have to make a suggetion though,lol,Keep Noah alive and make him fall for Clara.I know you've already sort of given her a love interest but maybe when Noah's introduced to the story he can do something really sweet for her and make her fall for him.This is just a suggestion,feel free to ignore me as it's my seriously mental obsession for Beau Brady/Noah talking. :D

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No, Noah belongs with Hayley & besides, it actually frees up Clara's Prince Charming.


I've never been much of a Noah/Hayley-fan, but if he'd still be alive, they should not split up. It's just... wrong.

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It's ok to muck about with character time-lines though, yeah? I don't know, have Noah still alive & Hayley having his baby, say?


I find the most annoying thing about writing fanfics is that H&A will suddenly change stuff (eg they suddenly forgot all about Kirsty being v.v.sportyand a v.v.strong swimmer) and then I feel obliged to write explanations (as I'd already had her winning a gold medal in an earlier fic! :rolleyes: ). But hey it's their story so I guess they can do as they like! :wink:

As can fanfic writers. (Well, within reason). I believe there are some shows that won't allow fanfics to be written about them but H&A doesn't mind. So just go where the story takes you and don't worry about it. :)

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Clara finished her tea & had Cassie help her pick her clothes for the day.

“Oh dear, I think I need a few summer clothes I think!†she sighed.

“Well, there a couple of nice places in Yabbie Creek; maybe we can get you there next week?†Cassie suggested.

“We’ll see.†Clara sighed thinking of her all too light purse.

Just then Tina returned. She put the screens that Flynn had borrowed from the hospital in the phone call the other night around Clara & got her dressed.

By the time Clara was ready to face the outside world, Blake had grabbed a quick cup of tea & toast in mouth & car keys in hand, was running out of the door to pick up his family from the station. On his way out he almost ran head-long into to the arriving Martha:

“Morning! Oh sorry Blake; see you in a minute.†She giggled. “You lot just getting up? You’re late; the beach is already buzzing! Rick, I’d get down there quick if I were you; Granddad is after your hide!â€

“Ok, ok, I’m going!†He pulled on a t-shirt, grabbed his mobile & kissed Cassie on the cheek.

“I’ll probably be down later!†Clara called after him. “I’d hate that team to think I’m not grateful to them to.†She explained to the girls.

“They’ll know that; but we could take the lunch down there, if you want to show your face.†Tina suggested.

“Good idea.†Clara smiled.

“Yeah.†Martha grinned. “Let me know when & I’ll join you.â€


A few minutes later Sally reappeared, dressed & ready for the day. She smiled as she poured herself a coffee & joined her husband & daughter at the table.

“So where are you today?†she asked Flynn.

“Leading the team on van 3; Noah’s on van 1 & Blake’s on van 7. One of Jesse’s gym regulars is a plumber so he & his crew will take care of the wet-room.†He informed his nodding wife.

“Noah?†Tina asked puzzled.

“Hayley Lawson’s husband; a really nice guy. He was visiting friends in the City the other day.†Flynn explained.

“Oh right. I’ll never remember all these names.†Tina laughed

“You’ll get there.†Sally assured her.

The next little while passed in relative peace, as Clara waited for the action to begin. Feeling trapped inside Clara asked to be taken out to front veranda, the better to watch the work when it started. Tina was just obliging when Pippa Snr. stopped them.

“You’ll both need hats as well as sun block.†She instructed.

“Surely we’ll be alright in the shade of the veranda?†Clara asked.

“Once you get used to the heat yes, but until then ‘slip, slap, slop’ for you two.†She saw confusion in both pairs of British eyes & explained. “Our kids are taught it in kindergarten. If you’re outside for any length of time, the sun is so strong that to protect yourself you slip on a t-shirt, slap on a hat & slop on the sunscreen; ‘slip, slap, slop’.â€

“‘Slip, slap, slop’; we’ll remember that!†Clara giggled.

“See you do. Clara take my gardening hat; it’s hanging on the back of the laundry-room door.â€


Before Clara could even speak up Cassie had brought over a baseball cap. She was thanked with a hug & the new-comer’s settled themselves outside.

Back inside Pippa Snr. took the latest batch of baking out of the oven & Sally & Cassie set to make up several flasks of juice & squash for the workers & Martha surprised no-one by insisting on joining Flynn’s van crew. Sally looked horrified when Flynn agreed but he merely laughed:

“Sally relax, it’s fine. I’ll be ok.â€

“Yeah,†Martha assured her, “I’m a farmer’s daughter with 3 brothers remember? I’ll be more use on a ramp crew than I would on a sewing machine, trust me!â€

“Ok then, but you tell Morag, ok?†Sally gave in.

“Sure, I can handle Auntie Morag; she won't expect anything else, believe me. As long as I can wash up before I go down to the beach, I’ll be fine.†She smiled.

“That’s no problem. You can take a shower whenever you like.†Sally offered.

“Thanks. I’ll go home, get a change & be back in about half an hour. Anything else you need me to pick up Flynn?†Martha asked.

“I can't think of anything, but if you can, feel free.â€

“Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.†She said leaving the house.

Hayley had said goodbye to Noah & Scott as the sun came up & having had an idea, she got out her art materials. She hoped Sally & Flynn wouldn’t mind but she didn’t think so. She was just surprised she hadn’t thought of this any sooner.

Starting with the 3 vans she knew were being done today, she checked with Colleen which colours those vans were (if anyone would know that Colleen would having both lived & worked at the Caravan Park), & set to work.

By the time Martha reached the Diner, Irene and Leah were already busy preparing picnic baskets for both the beach & the Caravan Park, ‘supervised’ by an excitable VJ. It was Irene who greeted her:

“Morning Darl, welcome to chaos!†she sighed. “Next time I have a great idea, you have my full permission to thump me!â€

Before Martha could get out her reply of ‘It’ll be worth it.’ She heard a despairing cry of:

“VJ Patterson, that’s enough! You do that once more & no pocket money this week!â€

“Sounds like someone needs rescuing!†she laughed, coming around the counter. “Hi all!â€

“Morning Martha.â€

“Hi Martha, you’re a brave woman.†Leah sighed.

“Just come back to get a change. Leah, I can take VJ back with me if you like? Clara was asking for him just yesterday & he’ll have David & Tamara to play with.†She suggested,

“Please Mum?!†the small boy begged.

“Well alright, but you go & wait in a booth & if I hear a single word about you giving Martha or Clara any trouble, I WILL come take you home & put you to bed. Do you understand me?â€

“Yey!†the small boy cheered & ran for his favourite booth.

“Thanks.†Leah whispered looking relieved.

“No worries. If you can have a Park basket ready when I come down we’ll take it with us, ok?â€

“This one’s nearly ready, you can take it.†Colleen said. “If you’re going up to the apartment, you can tell your Auntie Morag that there’s 10 baskets for the beach & 9 more for the Caravan Park; she said she’d drive them over.â€

“Ok.†Martha smiled, disappearing.

Thanks to her place of the veranda it was Clara who was able to alert the house of Blake’s arrival:

“Sally, Blake’s back!†she called.

In an instant both Sally & both Pippas were out on the veranda for what was obviously a warm family reunion. Feeling homesick Tina said a quick hello & then went to go & get everyone drinks. Clara felt a little sad too, but took a instant shine to Sophie’s wide, warm smile.

“So Blake tells me you’re staying awhile?†Sophie asked as she sat down on the swing seat with David in her lap.

“Well hopefully yeah, especially after everyone’s been so kind to us.†Clara smiled, trying her very best not to think of HIM.

“That’s great, who knows; maybe you’ll be here for our wedding?â€

Pippa & Sally who by this point were setting out the sewing boxes broke into beaming grins.

“Does that mean you’re coming home to get married?!†Pippa asked.

“Well it was that or ‘no deal’â€! Blake laughed.

“In that case Sweetie, good choice!†Pippa laughed kissing him on the cheek.

“Don’t I know it!†Blake beamed. “Flynn mate, you ready to get this thing started?â€

“Yep; let’s go. Who’s on the teams, do you remember?â€

“Yeah, I’ve got Ric, Barry & Dan; you? “

“Robbie, Henry & Martha; Noah’s working with Scott.â€

With that they went off to start prep work.

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