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Peter’s Pov

I can’t believe it was Zoë who was the stalker the whole time, or Eve is what we should really call her. I’m listening to the tape now and I can’t believe I missed it, on the tape it is clearly Zoë/Eve talking to Sarah. I can’t believe I really thought that it was Sarah, I should have listened when Clare told me she was dead, I knew that she was deep down. But everything just seemed to fit that it would be Sarah. It was amazing when Clare kissed me tonight, I’ve loved her for so long, it has been great to see her again and this time I’m not going to let her go, I’m going to stay with her forever, I love her. She comes in the room and hears me listening to the tape of Sarah and Zoë.

“Pete, what you doing, you shouldn’t do this its over, lets just move on ok,†She says to me.

“I know, I just can’t believe I missed it, you can hear Zoë very clearly on this tape with Sarah.†I say to her.

“Hey we missed it, anyway its over now, so come on lets get out of here.â€

“Ok babes, god I can’t believe I nearly lost the chance to be with you.†I say kissing her on the lips.

“I know Pete, I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t be with you, I love you Pete.†She says and I kiss her again.

“I love you too Clare, I love you so much.â€

She kisses me passionately on the lips and then says to me “Shall we go now then babe?â€

“Definitely, your place or mine?†I ask her.

“Yours†she says.

“Ok mine it is then,†I put my arm round her and we walk to my car, I really do love Clare so much. I know that I had feelings for Leah, before I was in a coma and after, but now Leah is with Dan and when I saw Clare I realised I still love her so much, the feelings I had for Leah were nothing compared to what I feel for Clare.

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Thank you for the replies. :D .

Clare’s Pov

Last night I finally got back with Peter the man I love, he’s so gorgeous and I’ve loved him for so long and now here I am laying in his arms, where we have spent the night, he is still sleeping and looks even more gorgeous than ever. I could just stare at him all the day. He suddenly stirs and opens his eyes and smiles at me, which makes my heart flutter.

“Morning beautiful†He says to me softly. He then leans in and kisses me softly on the lips.

“Morning gorgeous†I say back to him and lean in and kiss him again. “So what you want to do today, I know you have the day off?†I ask him.

“Well I’ve got an idea, we could go out somewhere special, day out somewhere, what do you think.†He asks me.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea Pete, but first I think that there’s something better we could be doing here.†I tell him kissing him on the lips passionately and he responds.

“Oh there something we could being doing here is there, what could that be.†He smiles at me and I lean in to kiss him again and then I say to him.

“You know what I mean Peter Baker, we certainly did plenty of it last night.†He smiles at me again and then he says.

“Oh you mean, that sort of something, ok I suppose we could do that, if you really want to.â€

“Don’t pretend you don’t want it just as much, cause I know you do babe.†He moves in to me and kisses me passionately and I respond with just as much passion, god I love him, can’t believe I ever let him go.

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