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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Oh, yeah I am! Knew I wasn't totally clueless about his name. They really did! And their friendship was touching. I really enjoyed the whole film, actually. It was nicely predictable, as all amusing & heart warming films are.

Yeah, his nose it a little... misshapen.


Misshapen is one word for it! :P It's nice though.. like as in, it suits him. I couldn't imagine him with a straight nose now. I remember Owen Wilson when he was in The Haunting.. I loved his character, but then he got decapitated. :( (That's when your head gets cut off, right?)

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My favourite part in Mr and Mrs Smith is when they're telling each other how many people they've killed. I don't know the exact quote but Brad Pitt says he doesn't really keep count but it's late 50s/high 60s. It's cute cause he seems all impressed with himself.. then Angelina Jolie goes - 312. Or something. It's funny!

I wanted to see The Jacket when it came out but never got round to it. I might rent it next time I'm getting one.

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I love the councelling scenes at the start and end. Its so stupid!.

I enjoyed the Jacket, its a very different movie. At the start i was like "what the...?"

But it got better.


Aww yeah, the counselling scenes are hilarious! The counsellor goes - how often do you have sex? And Brad Pitt goes - I don't understand the question! :lol: Then at the end he's like - ask the sex question! :P


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