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What was the last Movie you watched?

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Listen To Your Heart.

I'm generally not much of a movie fan, since I don't really have the patience for them, but I saw this advertised the other day (I don't remember where) and thought it looked good, so I managed to watch it today. I'll spoiler tag the next part, in case anybody may want to watch it in future that doesn't want to be spoiled. It contains the big twist from the film!

Oh my god, I sobbed!

I didn't even pick up from the trailers the twist of Danny getting cancer. It was kept very well hidden. It was quite adorable how much he obviously fell for Arianna (Sam) straight away. I was initially worried it was going to ruin it, because he was acting like they'd been together their whole lives and yet it had only been a short while when he fell in love with her, but it is a movie, after all, and with only an hour and a half, you have to move things along.

I adore the way he picked up on the sign language so soon and her absolute interest in his music (which was gorgeous, by the way!). Roger initially seemed like the typical "so many women, not enough time!" type of guy that is seen often in TV and films, but I adore the pure depth that was shown in being there for Danny once he'd been diagnosed, and how he obviously knew Danny and Sam were crazy for one another.

Absolutely heartbreaking that, for a pair that just lived live to the full, Danny's was so tragically cut short.

And the part where he shaved his hair off may well be THE saddest scene I have ever watched in a movie. Ever.

I literally sobbed for the majority of it. HIGHLY recommended for anybody that likes soppy, heartbreaking movies.

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Chain Letter if you ever want to watch it then just a warning Strong Bloody Violence.

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Friends with Benefits.

Altohugh it was funny I still found myself weeping at the end. I cry at EVERYTHING :)

And I spend pretty much all the movie drooling over Justin Timberlake :wub:

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