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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Remember Me.

IT was amazing - and I'm not a huge fan of Robert in Twilight but I have to say he really showed his talent here. As somone on teh last page said, it's absolutely heartbreaking - has a huge twist but even the storyline itself - he tries so hard to prove himself over and over again... please do go see this!

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Changeling - OMG it has definitely become one of my favourites. I love movies that make me cry so this one was great! I've never really liked Angelina Jolie's, but she was absolutely brilliant in this. She really made her character believable and you could almost feel her pain yourself when she lost her child. It's AMAZING!

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^ Loved that movie.

Friday the 13th Part III. More narmtastic than scary, but it was entertaining and not as unpleasant to watch as the first one. (No, I still haven't got over Kevin Bacon getting an arrow through the neck). They did a decent job with the Final Girl Chris as well. Her acting wasn't great, but she was better than average, if not up to the standard set by Sidney "Not in my movie" Prescott and Rachel Carruthers.

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^ It was, wasn't it?! Imo one of Jolie's best.

The Family Stone - I really liked this movie, especially Amy. She was really horrible to Meredith, which made the film really funny. But then towards the end it gets terribly sad cos there's a death in the family. It really shows how they come together and love one another. I thought it was good. And, yes! Luke Wilson was in it! :wub:

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