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What was the last Movie you watched?


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It started at midnight and I was already tired, but it's past 2am now and I made it to the end of the movie so that must mean something. I didn't plan to watch a movie about a man becoming a transsexual tonight, but it happened, and I didn't mind it at all. It definitely wasn't prime-time material - kind of dull - but I think slapping it on past midnight with an MA rating was a bit much. The most MA thing about it was the guy's son saying "f***" about four or five times... Unless they're counting Hayden Panettiere's demonstration on fruit in plastic bags to explain a sex-change operation as a "medical procedure" lol. I liked her in this. It was nice to see her as an easy-going tomboy kid, rather than a semi-suicidal cheerleader.

Was it worth the eye-pain, neck-pain and headache I'm currently experiencing from sitting up this late? Perhaps... perhaps not... but... it happened.

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Watched Paranormal Activity the other night - Please do not watch it people!!!!

I was soooo scared , mainly because it seemed so real, and the fact that the camera throughout the film was filmed by a man with a video camera made it so much worse and real! I was not able to sleep after it because I was terrified a demon was gona get me as well.

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