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What was the last Movie you watched?


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New Moon

and I must say.... OH MY F'ING GOD.....

I loved it... its... WOW :D

Was that your first time Bec?

I saw it twice at the movies could of seen it 100 can't wait till the dvd comes out.

Yep it was my first time seeing it... and ohhhhhhhh wow... it certainly didn't disappoint :D

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Avatar. It was technically brilliant and I really liked the lead actress, but the movie didn't do much for me overall. I'm just not that into war movies, even fantasy ones. It had some nice messages about nature though. I just wish they weren't so graphic about "connecting" to it... *shudder* >_<

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The Princess and the Frog. Good, although it took about 15 minutes to get interesting. Although that's the case with most Disneys that aren't Pixars, actually.

You do mean recent Disney movies, yes o_o?

Actually, I had similar problems with most of the Renaisaance era ones (1989-1999) when rewatching them last year. Aladdin didn't start to get interesting until he enters the Cave. Tarzan it was in the song Son of Man (although I love the opening song, Two Worlds). The Lion King it was the Elephant Graveyard scene with the hyenas. All brilliant movies, it's just that they took a while to draw me in.

I haven't actually seen a non-Pixar Disney animation in the cinema since Atlantis: the Lost Empire, and the most recent one I've on DVD is Lilo and Stitch. Unless you count Enchanted, which would go in the above category.

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