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What was the last Movie you watched?


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watched LOADS lately 'cause it's not really safe to go out in Bangkok! ALl the main shopping areas were closed down yesterday :o


Broken Arrow [good]

Dude, Where's My Car [stupid]

Garfield Gets Real [stupid]

Step Up [brilliant!]

Gone, Baby Gone [seen before, brilliant!]

a movie with Owen Wilson, and two other guys on a train across India or somewhere to meet their mother who's a nun [stupid]

And there's another one I can't bring to mind at the moment!

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I Am Legend,

at first i thought the monsters were aliens carrying viruses that destroyed most of mankind..

obviously, they were infected humans turned into zombies.

The saddest part was his dog dying, Will Smith had to strangle him after being infected with viruses, he should've just kept him on a leash.

At last he sacrificed himself to save the rest of the world, after all he had already lost his wife and daughter in a helicopter crash when brought to isolation.


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I saw The Wrestler on Wednesday, fantastic movie although rather gruesome at times. Mickey Rourke is an amazing, amazing actor, played the character superbly.

I saw 17 Again yesterday it was quite a good movie, some very LOL moments.

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