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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Just saw the new Friday The 13th starring Jared Padalecki. It's just terrible. Completely gratuitous nudity and sex scenes - I know I enjoy water skiing topless, don't you?? - and the plot, what there was of it, was confusing at best. Jared could not save it.

The best characters seemed to die like flies, leaving the pointless and stupid ones to die slightly later, in increasingly laughable and incomprehensible circumstances.

Just terrible.

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I watched all four TNG movies this weekend, even the one I saw two weeks ago.

Generations: Weak except for pretty much any scene involving Kirk, Picard or Soran.

First Contact: See previous review.

Insurrection: To quote the Rinkworks review: "When your first ship-to-ship combat scene hinges on a Data/Picard Gilbert and Sullivan duet, you really should consider firing all of your writers. If you got far enough into production with the script in this form to actually get a sample of what a Brent Spiner/Patrick Stewart duet would sound like, you really ought to consider firing yourself. If you not only film the scene, but decide to allow Michael Dorn to sing backup, you really need to be shot."

Nemesis: Not without its problems, but nowhere near as bad as its given credit for. To quote the Agony Booth review of Insurrection, "Star Trek, at its best, is an invigorating combination of solid sci-fi, philosophy, and strong characterization, with a little bit of humor sprinkled in, and some occasional well-done bits of action. At its worst, it can be drab and preachy, with bad humor, and a few space battles tossed in to keep the audience from lapsing into boredom-induced unconsciousness." Nemesis is the former.

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