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What was the last Movie you watched?


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thick as thieves, which was terrible. morgan freeman should be slapped for this its honestly that bad, antonio banderas you sort of expect this kind of film from him (going by his past catalogue) but morgan freeman i expected better than this, and mr freeman if your reading this then stop making crap films, tell de niro that "what just happened" was crap too, and he should also know better

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Star Trek: First Contact, as part of my studying for my Einstein Factor audition. As good as I remembered - in fact, it's utterly flawless.

Can't wait for the new movie. Only 2 and a bit months to go!

Let us know if you get in. I'll watch out for you :D

I'm looking forward to the new movie too - Sylar and Kim, together at last!!

The last movie I saw was technically P.S. I love You, but I was half asleep and didn't make it to the end so I don't know if that counts. What I saw of it was good. Before that, it was Cry_Wolf - I've seen it before, but I wasn't sure it was out on DVD here. So when I saw it in the video store, I had to rent it, even if it meant staying up all night to cram it into the middle of a movie marathon with my friends. Totally worth it.

Before that, we watched The House Bunny. I was very concerned for the first 20 minutes or so, I thought it was going to be one of those things that was supposed to be so stupid it's funny, but just ends up being stupid... but then it got funny :D The embarrassingly over-confident animal-like girl was my favourite ^_^

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