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What was the last Movie you watched?


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PS I Love You

Aww i loved that. Saw it twice :( Made me cry both times. There's some nice eye candy in there don't you think? :P

It was a great film, i was howling like a baby :lol: and as for the men, well lets just say, they were very easy on the eye :wub: I certainly wouldn't say no :P

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Monster. (A rip off of Cloverfield). And for the first time ever, I feel as if I have really wasted a part of my life.. And I do nothing that you can consider an achievement anyway.. So that shows how bad that hour and a half was.

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SEX AND THE CITY! I saw it on friday night and I'm still on a high. I miss the show so much, if it wasn't for the re runs on Arena I don't know what I'd do!

Samantha is still my favourite character ever on any tv show :wub: (only equalled by Jack on Will & Grace) I know some people won't like it but for me it was just like 2 and a half hours of sex and the city so I loved it. And the clothes!!!!!!! And that Vera Wang wedding dress, EEEE. ^_^.

I saw it last night and loved it, too! :D

I was kinda surprised it was only a 15 in the UK, though. Like, I know there was no horror/gore in it to justify making it an 18, but I did think that at times it was a bit, err, graphic? Very, very, VERY good, though. And yes, the Vera Wang dress = :wub: And also those blue Manolo Blahniks = :wub:

I never caught the television show - I think I'm gonna have to buy the boxsets!

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I went to rent a movie with mom yesterday, and we watched this movie called "Prey"

It was a great movie, you should really see it - But it's one scary movie, after all, and I will never dare to visit a safari again :)

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Sex and the City. Finally. I wasn't the biggest fan of the TV series, but have seen most of them. Must say, I like the movie better. But it was really predictable and I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. I love Samantha, she's definately my favourite as well.

I did see the preview for Get Smart as well and I can't wait until it comes out - it looks really good. I use to watch the show all the time.

I'm now off the watch the Bodyguard... something to fill in the time while I wait for H&A to come on Youtube.

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Saturday Night Fever - Possibly the best acting I've ever seen from John Travolta, although I liked him better in both Face Off and Broken Arrow. Beyond that it was pretty poor, particularly the character development of Tony's friends. Plus I now have Stayin' Alive, and to a lesser extent, If I Can't Have You, stuck in my head.

I've also been watching a few of the old Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote shorts, after finding a recently made one on the Looney Tunes: Back in Action DVD. The old ones are still brilliant but I think The Whizzard of Ow was a bit unfair on Wile and broke the rule about having the coyote always bring disaster on himself.

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Prince Caspian, which was brilliantly produced and well acted. The one weak point, which only lost it half a star, was the slightly excessive deviations from the book, although that doesn't make a lot of sense, even to me, because I enjoyed the film a lot more than the book, which didn't really hold my attention. I guess it's just that The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe managed to improve on the book without changing it much.

My favourite lines:

Reepicheep: Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine.

Prince Caspian: You are a mouse.

Reepicheep: I was hoping for something a little more original.


Telmarine Soldier Killed by Reepicheep: You're a mouse.

Reepicheep: You people have no imagination!

funny this movie was so good i hate harry potter but narina really cool best movie i seen in awhile it a must see for an narina fan i love it

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