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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Ratatouille, I maybe weird in saying this.. But I thought Remy was rather selfish.. lol But still, good movie. Although I did spent the whole movie trying to figure out who voiced Remy because I recognized the voice so much, kicked myself when I looked it up.

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Ali G in Da House (sp :P?)

Not something I'd have thought to watch myself, but these things do come on in the middle of the night when I have nothing else to entertain me. Having said that, I REALLY enjoyed it :D. The other guy who played his best friend is an actor I like (and I should really learn his name some day) so that was a plus. As was having Dumbledore as the Prime Minister :D

It was immature and disgusting, and totally beneath me... but I loved it and I laughed my behind off :D

Restecpuh :wink:

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