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What was the last Movie you watched?


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Eight Below.

A family film.. which I cried all the way through! Those poor dogs.

Actually, I just realised, that was a lie. Eight Below wasn't the last film I watched... I also caught half of a previously viewed film last night called Road Kill. I HATE that film. I watched it when I was like 13 when I was alone upstairs in my room, in the early hours of the morning, just because I couldn't make myself stop watching it. God it was frightening. And it was on BBC again last night, so my Dad put it on to scare me. Which was nice of him. :)

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David Williamson's The Club, which would have to be the best Jack Thompson performance I've seen (As usual, not saying much, I've only seen him in Star Wars: Episode II and Broken Arrow). Teriffic script, acting, cinematography and soundtrack (namely Up There Cazaly). Interesting to see John Howard 20 years before Seachange and All Saints. I was completely disturbed though by the story he tells Frank Wilson about his sister and I was relieved to find out that it wasn't true.

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Carry on Girls. The scripts was so terrible it was funny. Barbara Windsor looked so young in it, I couldn't believe it, and Wendy Richard looked so different to what she does today. The acting was bad, when lines were delivered they were half improvised by the look of some of the other actors around them, and to top it all off, June Whitfield was an extreame feminist. It was so horrible it was terrific.

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