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2005 on BTTB

Guest Dan F

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Well as we move into 2006, I thought it would be good to reflect on the best BTTB moments over the last year (well it would be the last year if all the posts hadn't disappeared in April, so let's say the last 8 months or so)

I think the main event that sticks in my mind, forum wise, was certainly BTTB Big Brother

Here's the highlights if anyone's interested :wink:

  • The Football Match
  • The Star Wars theme party, including Di (dressed as R2D2) having one too many J20's and driving herself into the pool
  • The numerous Big Brother's
  • Our lovely 'Water Friendly' garden including Ryan's Water Feature
  • My making of various concoctions at the bar and cooking unhealthy desserts
  • The raunchy going's on with Alex/Jess, Jess/Loz and various others
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  • The H&A Character Role Play
  • Karaoke
  • F'Eck chucking Milkshake over Valk
  • The house made out of Matchsticks

I'm sure there were many other events over the 3000 odd posts!

Hmm what else on BTTB!

The good old never-ending Stalker thread which we had such a fun time directing people to when they posted new Stalker topics!

The Laurie Interview - leading to myself and 2 other members being invited to the VIP H&A Cast Party in Leicester Square.

The no holds barred Kip Gamblin Interview

The launches of various sections and features of the site including On Location, new Illustrated Episode Summaries, Behind the Scenes, 4000th episode feature and of course the addition of hundreds of Scripts painstakingly typed up by Ryan and a couple of others....

Those are the main things that stick out in my mind!

All in all quite a good year for BTTB, and it's only going to grow bigger as we go into 2006 - we've got huge plans for the site over the coming months with the gradual introduction of a new addition that I never thought would be possible for us to achieve! So stick with us to find out what it is!

Anyways thats my thoughts! So Happy New Year everybody!

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Wow, when you say them all out like that, it has been alot! I didn't know about alot of those things but they sound.. interesting? Lol! :lol:

Must say, I loved the Laurie interview. I was just starting to get into her character of Josie then so the interview came at the right time for me. Thanks for that.. and well done for blagging yourselves into a VIP party! :wink:

Can't wait to see what's planned for 2006.

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[*]The numerous Big Brother's


:o There weren't that many! I'm shocked you said that :P

Anyway, I have to say it was a great year for Bttb! You guys did an amazing job with the site, including the Laurie interview which was *fantastic*, but that's normal for something Laurie related. And all the new features you launched. You certainly deserved that invitation!

Let's hope 2006 gets even better

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I loved my coming into the BB house with me wearing a painted on BB T-shirt.

The football match

When Jess was a guest, she, and Alex where having a good time.

The amusing argument between Alex and Valk, Who had the biggest!!!!

There was a few more... I loved been in the BB house. But I didn't realise what hard work it was having to do all the extra posts :lol:

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