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What are everyone's favourite bands at the moment? Mine change from time to time, i did really like Greenday as my favourite band a couple of months ago. Now, two of my favourite bands are My Chemical Romance and Simple Plan. I really like the music that Simple Plan produce, most of their songs i can really relate to, at the moment i think they are like the best band around there not that big over here in England but i heard they're quite big in the States. The thing with America is you will never see something like Crazy Frog hit the number one spot, because most good musicians or bands come from the States. With a few exceptions of course, some UK bands are good.

Although, saying this Mariah Carey has been number one with Don't Forget About Us in America for a few weeks now however i don't particularly think that's worth a number one, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. Americans obviously like it to put it to number one for more than a week.

Feel free to discuss bands you really like as it would be interesting to see who people like.

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Simple plan I’m going to that concert in Belgium together with my cousin who lives their


they're well good live. I was going to buy tickets see them in London but all of the tickets are sold out. Which is annoying because they aren't that big over here this is the probably the only london part of the 2006 tour they will do so i won't be able to see them later in the year.

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Cool. I haven't been to see them live but i want to because i bought the MTV Hard Rock Live Special Edition pack and watched the dvd. I thought they were awesome live just from watching the dvd they're probably even better when you're actually there.

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