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  1. Where Are You Christmas? - Faith Hill
  2. All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey
  3. Greats start at a fic. Love your writing. Ric is in love.
  4. Ringside - Tierd Of being Sorry
  5. Hello igjen. :)

    Så trives du her da? :)

  6. Travis - Why does It Always Rain On Me?
  7. Awesome. They are married, although I fell a little sorry for Matilda because of her leg.
  8. These Days - Chantal Kreviazuk
  9. Great chapter. I am really looking forward to the wedding.
  10. You wrote their hen and buck's night so well. Tasha suggested that, Alf saw Martha.
  11. I agree with alot of what you said Lisa. Ric gave Matilda a day at the spa. She is so lucky.
  12. Great chapter. You wrote the scene with Ric and Matilda at the beach so good.
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