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  1. Dean

    LMAO! Nice one dude.

  2. Hey Nat! How great about 24!
  3. He is about as accurate as wikipedia.
  4. Something about 19 days in September 1752.
  5. Add me: dean _ plays _ guitar at msn dot com talking to holly and andy too.
  6. Here is the honey...erm....incident, yes incident. http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=267655
  7. DearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDearDear
  8. Weakness, dear, Weakness.
  9. PM Dan or Chris, saying what you would like your name to be changed to. I'd suggest just rosey, incase you change favourites or something. Names are easier.
  10. Rosey - 1 Mitch- Dan or Chris have to
  11. Damn, crap thing about no flood control.
  12. It'll be alot worse than no avatar soon Holly.
  13. mitchiev91 - SPAG/txt spk - 26/08/06 (Si) That is your only one.
  14. Chill out. I won't bite. Hard.
  15. Camisado - Panic! At The Disco.
  16. Dean

    All Saints

    I have been searching for Season 3 everywhere. All stores have 1,2 and 4 in but not 3. It's so frustrating.
  17. Dean

    Guess what? 24 starts this month. THIS MONTH!!!!!!!

  18. It's been very cold for summer at my house, only getting to 30C where last year it was hitting 40C
  19. Waste of credit. Sian: Unlucky to be in school, I'm in the middle of a 6 week break.
  20. Next to the name if there is a red dude, they are on. If it's a grey dude, they are off.
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