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  1. Dean

    All Saints

    According to TVAus, AS is returning on February 13, with a repeat of the season finale on Sunday Feb 11 at 10:50.
  2. Is taht like the 2 hour late channel or another channel v?
  3. Watching the tennis atm.
  4. Mine is like that except 11's go on Thursday as well.
  5. Last year of being a junior.
  6. Dean

    All Saints

    She and Spence annoy me so much.
  7. Yeah, this was the replacement thread. There was about 1000 pages before the crash.
  8. Has your DVD arrived yet?
  9. Dean

    All Saints

    From TVW: Famous faces! Monday, January 22, 2007 The return of All Saints is just around the corner and this year there are a number of new faces to keep an eye out for... Several famous faces will pop up at All Saints General Hospital this year. Former Blue Heelers star Ditch Davey - well-known to fans of the defunct police drama as Jonesy - will make his mark on the drama. Jessica Napier - who starred in McLeod's Daughters as Becky, as well as the ill-fated series The Alice - will also play a key guest role. And watch out for an appearance by two well-known Aussie actresses - form
  10. It would get pretty confusing, because this thread is now GC, The Oldies, And the Golden Oldies in one.
  11. What's that in $AU? It was $90 for me.
  12. Don't sweat Kat, nothing happens with her, I just couldn't remember how she left.
  13. Yeah, she was my favourite in S4. Skykat, do you remember what happened to Mandy? Did she die?
  14. Is the season 5 DVD out where you live? It gets very complex and confusing, but it is the best season IMO, well apart from what I've seen of Six so far, but we won't go into that.
  15. Ooh, you watch 24? What episode are you up to.
  16. It's the middle of Sunday here. That's always bad when you don't get to go out. Hate it Hate it Hate it.
  17. Timezones are very annoying. Bad luck with the chest, are you on antibiotics or something?
  18. You guys were still going at three? I left at 1:30.
  19. i hope i added you right

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