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  1. The bomb scare is next week, so that might of been it? The previews for the finale have me pumped, can't wait to see. But poor Von getting held at gun point. :( Hope she doesn't die and Judith ws leaving cause she old and and and *breathe* lol.

  2. Dan and Erica are back together! Yay. The whole Jack/Gabby thinkg at the end looked like a potential thing. I like the idea. Does anyone remeber the episode where they were in the carpark and the dog scared them? It was hilarious. Oh and the girl who played Emily was in it as a woman who swalled a drawing pin. She didnt die this time though.

  3. Against The Wall - Part 1 (2007 Series Finale)

    Episode 10.41 (416)

    Tuesday November 20 at 9:00pm (M) on Seven

    Frank and Dan treat a 15-year-old girl suffering end stage heart failure. Her only chance of survival is a heart transplant. When a donor heart suddenly becomes available, the ED team has two hours to take bloods to check for a match and prepare her for transfer to the hospital where her new heart is waiting. The clock starts ticking.

    Mike, Charlotte, Erica and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a patient badly injured in a construction accident.

    Bart persuades Ann-Maree to come in for follow up tests to determine whether or not her cancer has spread.

    And none of them are aware that the day is about to take a turn for the worse.

    Also on the cover of TV Soap there is an article saying "Deadly Seige" about the finale.

  4. I remember that episode from my DVD's. That was a really touching one. Judith McGrath is so underused. I remember an arc she had with the alcoholic friend, played by Sonia Todd (who is reappearing in the current episodes as that psychiatrist). She was awesome.

  5. I'd much rather have your weather Kat. Cause of the flooding at home, I have no power at the moment, has been like that since Friday and shows no signs of changing. So out goes the heater and leaves me absolutely freezing. Hot and muggy all the way.

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