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  1. I wish I could listen to music....I lost my Ipod.
  2. This place is a bit addictive isn't it. I was having withdrawals through the server upgrades.
  3. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
  4. I can't get the song from the opening episodes of Lost Season Two out of my head. Make your own kind music by Cass Elliot.
  5. What is the book about? I just finished Looking For Alibrandi for English.
  6. Sounds interesting. I'm trying to avoid two biology prac reports that were due today and a module of my traineeship also due.
  7. Oops. I swear I changed it...
  8. I might be here...depends who's asking.
  9. We should reclaim it....
  10. Ahhh. The Spag Nazi, Cross Hemisphere wars, 6000 posts stalemate. Sigh....
  11. Just looking back on these pages, and boy was I a crazy member. I feel sorry for the then mods. What is everyone up to now?
  12. Dean

    All Saints

    Premieres at 9:30 (Well whenever ITT finishes, but yeah) Tomorrow.
  13. Dean

    All Saints

    She took another job at a nearby hospital, I think it was cause she hated Deanna, Sybilla Budd's character.
  14. Dean

    All Saints

    And in the TV Week it said something about Charlotte and a man who got pistol whipped but I thought it said Charlotte got pistol whipped. Is it wrong that I laughed at the first time?
  15. Dean

    All Saints

    The bomb scare is next week, so that might of been it? The previews for the finale have me pumped, can't wait to see. But poor Von getting held at gun point. Hope she doesn't die and Judith ws leaving cause she old and and and *breathe* lol.
  16. Dean

    All Saints

    Dan and Erica are back together! Yay. The whole Jack/Gabby thinkg at the end looked like a potential thing. I like the idea. Does anyone remeber the episode where they were in the carpark and the dog scared them? It was hilarious. Oh and the girl who played Emily was in it as a woman who swalled a drawing pin. She didnt die this time though.
  17. Dean

    All Saints

    I remember that episode from my DVD's. That was a really touching one. Judith McGrath is so underused. I remember an arc she had with the alcoholic friend, played by Sonia Todd (who is reappearing in the current episodes as that psychiatrist). She was awesome.
  18. I'd much rather have your weather Kat. Cause of the flooding at home, I have no power at the moment, has been like that since Friday and shows no signs of changing. So out goes the heater and leaves me absolutely freezing. Hot and muggy all the way.
  19. What if he is a figment of our imagination?
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