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  1. 1973? That's like the year after my mother was born. It's a while back.
  2. I didn't even know it was on CD. I definitely won't be buying it.
  3. Yep, so god damn annoying. And then there's the fact they had it on the ads which the played over and over and over.
  4. If that's the only thing they can do to relieve the pain, I don't think they are trying very hard to get help and support. Almost half my year at school do it, and most of them say they just do it cause everyone else is, which, IMO, is the most stupidest thing I've heard in a while.
  5. Aaah. I see. So anyone gonna watch Desperate Housewives? Hopefully there is some good music on it so I can finally get that bloody annoying song from Lost on Thursday night.
  6. Really? How many are there?
  7. I can't that music from the ad and the Season 2 premiere of Lost out of my head. I hate it but it's just so damn catchy.
  8. I just realised I was too, again. I've posted in here a couple of times but then I just forgot.
  9. At the moment I'm basically listening to anything at all by Creed. I like all their songs.
  10. My first post here. Yay! Welcome back iluvgypsynash.
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