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  1. I hated the way everyone was treating Luke too. It wasn't his fault. I put it down to been all Dan's fault. My reasoning? Well if Dan had just agreed to have at least something small for a bucks night, then Luke wouldn't have done that. Or even if Dan wasn't even getting married, then it wouldn't have happened. And anyway the driver should have been watching where he was going. What happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions? I don't get why everyone was carrying on and blaming for Luke for it.

    Luke was the one who organised the whole thing. He could have respected his brother's wishes and left him alone. Macca drove away at high speed at 3 in the morning in a national park with no headlights on, it would have been pretty difficult to avoid in my opinion. If Luke hadn't mentioned anything none of it would have happened.

    How gross was it when they defibulated the guy whilst he was awake. Not a fun place to be. And poor Charlotte, she just wanted to know what was going on, it was getting pretty farcial in the end.

    And the wedding, Bree was heaps funny with the tears, and Dan kissing Erica BEFORE the ceremony. :lol: Then the Jack/Gabby kiss, what a shocker. Can't wait for the fallout from that.

  2. Upcoming Episodes. *SPOILERS*

    Ep #437 - Justice For None

    July 1, 2008

    *SPECIAL TIME 9:30*

    Rhiannon arranges a rendezous with a less-than-impressed Charlotte- but things have barely had a chance to get heated before they get caught up in a shocking hit and run!

    Later Rhiannon tells Charlotte she really wants to sort things out, saying that if Charlotte will write a letter admitting responsibility, she'll hppily tear it up. But Charlotte has a threat of her own. Frustrated by the way things are being handled internally, she's seen her solicitor about filing a defamation case against Rhiannon - and she wants Frank to act as a witness in court for her.

    Meanwhile, Von's refugee drama becomes more complex and she's forced to ask Mike for help, but he refuses to prescribe any drugs without a face-to-face consultation with the patients.

    It's also the day of Dan and Erica's registry office wedding, but after a stressful day in the ED, it doesn't look like the ceremony is going to go to plan. In fact, when Dan appears to get cold feet, it looks like the wedding is off!




    Fearless and Searching

    Ep #438 (11.26)

    Tuesday July 8


    This week on ALL SAINTS, Charlotte’s day in court yields an unexpected result.

    A young woman is torn between the friend she’s always loved and the man she is in love with.

    Steve’s treatment of a woman he obviously knows has Gabrielle wondering about her feelings for him.

  3. Yep. It is.

    I really liked the episode..except the tourniquet guy. Gabby's reaction to Zoe

    I assume that's the last of her

    , Rikki stressing about Dan, (Noel) guy and his wife...the flashbacks were cool.

    Von's story was pretty sad...I hope she doesn't get in trouble.

    ETA: Oh, and PissedOff!Charlotte. How could I forget. :P I love that they have finally brought her into the forefront again. Next week looks good too..confrontations in the park.

  4. OMG! Beth's alive! It so wasn't her hand in that trolley!

    Haha. Splinter man is funny. :D

    :o :o! Poor woman...that thing was...gross, but sad and aww no and I don't know... If Rachel saw that I bet she would reconsider babies..

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