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  1. That's very considerate, well done.
  2. Have at least 1 sympathy I reckon.
  3. Haha, poor thing. I know I do a lot of whinging on mornings like that.
  4. It was said in the TV Week for the finale, I do believe.
  5. Happy Birthday BTTB. Time really has flown, I can't believe that this is my 5th year on the forum either!
  6. I doubt that there is a charge that can be laid on Melody for what she did, although perhaps a possession charge or something like that. Kane will most likely be charged with negligent driving, although it did not seem like he was speeding. In NSW the speed limit is 50 in urban areas and 100 in rural/country roads when there is no signage. In the pitch black night, I doubt I would have expected to see someone just standing very still in the middle of the road.
  7. Dane Smith character profile updated.
  8. Stupidly making my way through a packet of Skittles.
  9. I agree, he was amazing. At was a lot better than I expected it to be, although I could have done without the repeated close-ups of Nicole's face.
  10. Dean

    All Saints

    Not much of a cliffhanger. Poor Bart though.
  11. Dean

    All Saints

    Apparently that last scene where everyone was told had been filmed after he died.
  12. Dean

    All Saints

    I think that was it. ETA:
  13. Having a person of Charlie's characteristics as Senior Constable is not that uncommon. I know a fair few police officers that are in the same situation. Also in TV, characters such as Maggie Doyle, Jo Parrish, Susie Raynor, Amy Fox have all been Senior Constables in their time. What is hard to believe is Lara running the station, presumably now a Sergeant or higher.
  14. Due to a lot of friction and other problems in this section, we have decided to give the Character/Actor forum a little "makeover", introducing some new changes. It's important to emphasize that this change has not been brought on by one or a few single cases of people breaking the rules. BttB is a message board with more than 12 000 members, and lately this section has become a lot more active. The system we have had has worked great, but with the increased popularity of this section it's not time for a change, to make it easier to maintain, and to make this section more member-friendly fo
  15. This is the thread to discuss Melody. What does everyone think of her? Opinions on her return?
  16. Here is the place for Summer Bay's resident constable. What do you think of Charlie?
  17. Here is the thread for possibly the most twisty and turning relationship in the Bay.
  18. Dean

    All Saints

    LOL. Yes that was a classic!
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